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Couch Exercises You Can Do During Your Next Netflix Binge

Couch Exercises You Can Do During Your Next Netflix Binge

Exercises you can do on the couch

If you had to pick between binge-watching the Harry Potter saga or working out for an hour, which one would you choose? We all like to think that we’d favor a good Zumba sesh over a popcorn-heavy Netflix marathon, but reality suggests otherwise. In fact,  according to a report by the CDC, only 23% of Americans get enough weekly exercise, and a study conducted by Nielsen shows that Americans spend an average of six hours a day watching videos. From what we gather, our cozy comfy couches, unlike gyms, are a popular go-to for all of — especially these days while we’re all cooped up at home. Thankfully, we’ve got the perfect fix: at-home couch exercises. No gym access, no problem! You’ll just need your sturdy buddy, the couch, and a fun movie to keep you entertained while you work up a sweat.

Here are a few exercises we recommend:

25 half squats: Get into a seated position on your couch. Place your feet shoulder-width apart. If your knees are hinging forward (past your toes), re-adjust your body so that they  fall right above your feet. This position allows for equal weight distribution, which is important to avoid unnecessary injuries. Now, simply straighten your back, reach your arms out, and start squatting! Remember to engage your glutes throughout the whole exercise — when sitting and standing — for greater results. 

15 couch dips: Form a backwards plank position by placing your hands behind your back onto the couch and your feet on the ground. Once in position, dip your body and bend your elbows until they reach a 45- to 90-degree angle. Then press onto your palms to lift yourself back to that initial backwards plank position. The more those triceps burn, the better! 

The 60-second plank: Place your elbows on the couch and your feet on the ground to form a plank position. Now squeeze those abs for 60 seconds straight! For all of you fitness junkies, increase difficulty by holding the plank for an extra 30 seconds.

20 sit ups: Lay back on your couch, fold your legs above your hips, and place your arms behind your head. You’re now ready to crunch: use your abs to lift up from the core. Release and repeat. It’s that easy!

As streaming platforms and their movie directories multiply, you’ll have all the film content you need to incorporate these moves into your weekly fitness routine.They’re easy, effective, and super fun. Enjoy!

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