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Celebrity Trainer Teddy Bass on Fitness

Celebrity Trainer Teddy Bass on Fitness

Teddy Bass is a personal trainer to some of Hollywood’s most fit celebrities. He is nationally certified in fitness training and continues his studies in fields such as kinesiology, nutrition, and strength training.

Mind-Body-Soul Approach to Fitness

When training, Teddy believes that the “only way you can make a change in your body” is by approaching fitness from three angles: mind, body, and soul. Regarding his clients, his goal is to connect people to their innermost selves. He wants people to work out to “live a healthier life,” not just to reach a short-term goal.

Training Fundamentals

As a trainer, Teddy creates personalized solutions for each individual client. His method is to first build the core, and then “add fun, crazy stuff.” He explained that the approach to body fitness is similar to building a house. You first need a strong foundation, in this case the core, and then you can work on the rest. When he is training the same person multiple times a week, he often varies the workout routine to push the client and prevent them from getting bored of the workout. This way, different groups of muscles are constantly being pushed and one group never gets too conditioned to one workout, while also giving the other muscles some time to recover. Teddy’s go-to fitness rule is “if you don’t move, don’t expect a change.” When people don’t see results immediately, they often get frustrated and give up, which is emotionally stressful. However, Teddy encourages his clients by explaining both the physical and psychological health benefits.

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Teddy explained that he can only motivate his clients so much, but at a certain point, it must “come from within.” There are over six billion people in the world, and not one has the same finger print. The same goes for body types, “yet everyone wants the same body.” A lot of people say they don’t have time in their schedules to work out, but Teddy believes that if you think again – you probably do have the time.  He urges people to rethink being productive not as “attacking the day, but as approaching the day.” He explained, if you really are short on time, the best thing to do is add weights to your routine. This will help you with your posture and strength.

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Personal Lifestyle

Teddy approaches nutrition and fitness for himself the same way he encourages clients to do. His golden rule of nutrition is, “if you can’t grow it, don’t eat it,” and he emphasizes the importance of fresh food. Teddy views “should” as a negative word – if you want to do something or make a healthy change in your life, he explains that you need to do it and stop waiting for when you “should” do it.

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