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Can Starting Your Day Off with a Morning Massage Make You More Productive?

Can Starting Your Day Off with a Morning Massage Make You More Productive?


We could all use a little productivity boost from time to time. Now, what that usually translates to is coffee (and coffee, and, for those really tough days, a bit more coffee). But rather than relying on the mid-afternoon caffeine fix (or, fixes) to boost your alertness and focus, an all-around more productive workday could be achieved by simply adding one small thing to your morning routine: a message.

Obviously, you know that a massage can help you relax, but what you might not have considered is the fact that a little bit of relaxation can go a long way when it comes to your productivity. Think about it: a relaxed mind is a clearer mind, and a clearer mind is a mind that’s more likely to focus.

“Massage frees thoughts,” explained massage therapist, Yodi Richeson, in an interview with Forbes. “When you are so focused on something and stressed out, you have blinders on and don’t see the whole picture. You just see what is in front of you. Massage lets executives calm down to think clearer and get a better picture. It’s better than coffee.”

Plus, in addition to helping relax your mind, studies have shown that massages can actually boost alertness, logical reasoning skills, and speed and accuracy with math computations.

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Long story short: starting your day off with a morning massage could actually help set you up for success throughout the workday. Don’t necessarily have time for a morning message? Clinical sports massage therapist Tamer Guerman says there are at least other ways to reap the same benefits.

“A morning message, as amazing as it may sound, isn’t always maintainable, practical, or affordable for most people on a regular basis,” says Guerman. “Instead, try a brisk morning walk or a nose breath.”

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