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Can a Pre-Sex Workout Improve Your Time Between the Sheets?

Can a Pre-Sex Workout Improve Your Time Between the Sheets?

Exercising at the gym and getting physical have more in common than we thought. In fact, studies suggest that a man’s testosterone levels peak when working out, making him feel more attracted to those around him (who knew a funky-smelling, poorly-lit gym would be the ideal environment for a libido boost?) The same goes for women — researchers found that the female orgasm can be directly correlated to exercise. This is due to a woman’s increased production of endorphins and dopamine levels — mood-elevating chemicals in the brain — during intense workouts. For both men and women, exercising is the perfect mood booster and full-body blood pumper (yep, even down there) before a steamy bedroom sesh. All of which is to say, it might be a good idea to work up a sweat at the gym before working up a sweat in the bedroom. But before you do that, learn exactly why and how a good workout can significantly enhance your sex life.

Endorphins can spark arousal

As we already mentioned, the heightened production of endorphins during a workout can turn you on. Your brain might not think you’re sexually aroused, but your body sure will. From a physiological standpoint for women, the increased body heat that you generate while working out, along with intensified blood flow, can help the clitoris get more easily aroused, therefore boosting your sexual desire. Follow that up with the slightest bit of foreplay, and you’ll want to get *busier* than ever.

More blood flow = better orgasm

All that increased blood flow is also going to payoff in the bedroom because it’s important when it comes to orgasming. The more intense your workouts are, the greater your chances are of reaching peak orgasm. Not too shabby. In other words, working out is like a primer for sex. Your body is warm and activated, facilitating a positive sexual experience.

Working out increases your body confidence

On its own, working out is an accomplishment, right? After a draining 60 minutes at the gym, you instantly feel better about yourself (that rush and feeling of excitement after a workout is kind of like another version of a runner’s high). What often comes with that is an increased feeling of self confidence — and more specifically, body confidence. According to one study published in Psychology of Sport and Science, it only takes a 30-minute workout for women to experience an improved body image after exercising, and that change in perception can last up to 20 minutes after a workout. This increased feeling of self-confidence can ultimately improve a woman’s perception of her desirability and sexual performance. It’s pretty similar for guys, too. According to a study from the University of Arkansas, men who exercised six or seven days a week reported perceiving their sexual desirability as “above average.” Whether that perception is actually true or not, who cares; there’s nothing sexier than a confident partner in bed. So, stop scrolling and hit the gym now!

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