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Bryce Thompson on Staying Fit

Bryce Thompson on Staying Fit

It’s no wonder why Men’s Health has featured male model Bryce Thompson on their covers more times than they have placed anyone else. Bryce is widely recognized as one of the most fit models in the industry. We sat down with him and asked him to share his health and fitness secrets with us.  
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Bryce’s key to his fitness is setting goals and being consistent. He emphasizes putting time in and sticking with your goals regularly; not just for a short period of time. His words of fitness advice for all: “Reach your goal, perfect it, stay with it, never let off.”
While his career keeps him busy and requires him to travel quite often, he still manages to fit in exercise. Of course, Bryce combines weight training and cardio exercise in his fitness regimen. In terms of his favorite form of exercise, he happily turns to cycling, because “you feel the wind in the hair and the adrenaline rush, crushing thousands of calories a day – sounds like a win-win situation to me.”

Staying Healthy While Traveling

Bryce admittedly told us that although he stays fit most of the time, “traveling is the hardest part” of maintaining his health and fitness. He said that he tries his best and just catches up when he returns home. Going through airports and constantly out to eat, you can only do so well trying to maintain your diet. Bryce told us that “the trick is to pack a few snacks that you agree with” for airport traveling. He personally packs raisins, almonds, and sometimes a smoothie. He said that, “WellPath helps having travel-sized portions,” that you can easily take with you on-the-go. 


Thompson stays off the internet for nutrition information, saying that it is way too contradictory and you don’t know what you can believe. A source that he trusts is “Arnold’s Encyclopedia – it’s one of the bibles; a go-to book on old school body building and nutrition.” He admits that he reads up on the latest trends – and sometimes tries them – but always reverts back to what he knows works best. Bryce explained that it all comes down to sticking to the basic, original law of “clean eating, lean foods, and trying to stay organic.”
When asked if he had to choose one food to eat for the rest of his life, Bryce replied “chicken breasts – prepared in different ways.”
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Advice for Models

What you may not know is that Bryce has been gaining recognition for his photography. Having been a model for so long, being on the other end of the industry is a unique experience. He is able to work with the models in an interesting and effective way. His advice to models is to stay consistent if they want a long-lasting career in the industry: “Be in shape, stay in shape. The simple rule is start now, start today. Stay with it as long as you can. There is never any harm in being in good shape and looking after your body. You’ve only got one. It starts with nutrition. 80% of the battle is what you eat.”
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