These Are the Best Workouts for a Total Body Detox

Whether you’re looking to go into all-out cleanse mode, or just get a little refreshment in your day, you don’t have to drink nothing but green juices to get your detox on.

Here are 3 great workouts that will help bring some detoxification into your life, without the diet or cucumber lemon waters.

Group of concentrated barefoot young people doing yoga exercises in studio

Hot Yoga

There’s no question why yoga would be a great detoxifying workout, but sometimes yoga classes are more of a detox for the brain than the body. Incorporating hot yoga into the mix will help you get the meditation you need, with the detoxifying sweat you want. Being able to flow through the class while working up a sweat will add a new challenge and experience to your detox routine that is sure to get you a good workout. If it’s your first time doing yoga, make sure you’re well hydrated and wearing light clothing.  It can be a bit overwhelming at first, so it’s extremely important to breathe and calm your mind so that you can focus on movement and breath, maximizing your meditative and cleansing potential.

HIIT Training

If yoga is difficult for you, or you have trouble getting into the meditative focus yoga requires, a great way to get a detoxifying workout is to do exactly the opposite. HIIT, or, High Intensity Interval Training, is a workout design that stacks multiple workouts back to back, with little to no rest, and you perform these at maximum intensity for a set number of rounds. Why is this detoxifying? Well not only will you sweat off your weight in water and build cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength, but because of the fast-paced nature of these program, you have little time to think about anything else except the workout. So once you finish, you’ll be left exhausted physically before you even know what happened to you.

Go for a Run or Fast Walk

Now if the yoga studio or weight room aren’t your thing, there are still great ways to get a detoxifying workout in. One of the easiest to perform no matter where you are is to go for a run or a long and fast-paced walk while taking deep, energetic breaths. Running will help clear your mind, get your heart pumping and body sweating, and taking deep energetic breaths will help you focus and replenish your blood with some fresh oxygen. Try to make this last for at least 20-30 minutes, and you’ll get some great fat-burning exercise in and finish with a clear mind and cleansed body.

Beyond the Workout…

Now you don’t just have to sweat to get a detoxifying workout. Meditation, sitting in the sauna or steam room, and even a good night’s sleep are also great ways to detox. Add a clean diet filled with unprocessed, raw whole foods and your body will feel revitalized and renewed after even one short week.

About Ben Ilaria

Ben is a personal trainer and recent graduate of Fordham University. He loves everything health and fitness. You can check out Ben’s fitness and lifestyle blog, Mind Matter Fitness, where he offers advice, motivation, and workout plans for free.