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The Best Activewear for When It Starts Getting Nippy Outside

The Best Activewear for When It Starts Getting Nippy Outside

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When the temperature drops, it may also be tempting to drop your workout (no more morning runs on the lake!).

But there’s a way around the winter winds. You don’t have to compromise your workout quality because of the weather. Instead of wishing you could change the weather, just change your attire.

There’s gear on the market designed to provide you with the safety, comfort, and warmth you need to conquer your workout when it starts getting nippy outside.

Need options? Here are a few popular pieces of workout gear to get you started.

Thermal Running Leggings

Your legs are no good if they are stiff and numb from the weather. Protect your lower body with a pair of good thermal running leggings. The insulating material will keep your body warm and provide an added layer of comfort that will make you want to wear these pants even when you’re sleeping.

Lightweight Thermal Vest

No need to dress up like the abominable snowman when you’re attempting to protect your body from the elements of the outdoors. Keep your core warm, without feeling restricted, when you rock this lightweight, insulated vest on your next outdoors run. Filled with plush fabric on the inside, the vest’s non-bulky, flattering fit is a stylish piece of attire any season.

Softshell Jacket

Drizzling or sunny, you’ll be prepared to conquer the cold in this durable water-repellant jacket. The soft, acrylic lining will absorb the wet rains and keep you from melting. If you’re determined enough to keep working out during sub par weather conditions, you deserve a jacket that will keep you going strong.


Don’t neglect your ears while trying to protect every other area of your body. This stretchy, performance-friendly headband fits perfectly over your ears to keep the cold from invading your earlobes. Avoid becoming ill by covering your ears with this cotton filled headband.


It’s time to bring back those stylish 80s aerobics legwarmers if you want to protect your sexy calf muscles that you’ve worked so hard for in the gym. Just call them your winter super sock, these legwarmers can protect your lower leg when you’re grooving to your favorite dance moves or when you’re outdoors doing a calorie-burning jog around town.


Wool socks work wonders for your feet when you’re on the go in the cold. Slip on these socks for a snug comfort while you do your favorite gym moves. These heat -retaining socks provide the ultimate amount of cushioning Plus, there’s a little inspiration to stretch towards your toes so that you can feel the softness of the socks.

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