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How to Beat the Post-Thanksgiving Bloat

How to Beat the Post-Thanksgiving Bloat

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Sometimes all it takes is a few days of recovery for you to move past your Thanksgiving food coma. But if a week’s worth of leftovers have left you struggling to beat that post-feast bloat (trust us, we understand all too well) it might be time to trade in the Turkey-Day-leftover sandwich for some bloat-busting tricks. Here, we round up a few of our go-to ways of getting rid of that stubborn bloating when time just won’t seem to quite heal that food-induced wound.

Drink water.

Then drink more water, then have some water. The hydration will help flush water-retaining sodium out of your system, which is key to nixing bloat. For even better results, try adding some digestion-aiding lemon to you water and sipping it warm.

Add some ginger to your diet.

If you love ginger, this is your time to shine. If not, this is your time to start. Because it acts as a natural anti-inflammatory agent and digestive aid, ginger is often a quick fix for serious bloating. Try some ginger lemon tea, or try a ginger and greens smoothie to help you bounce back.

Nix the dairy.

You had your dairy fix on Thanksgiving (and then some, thanks to green bean casserole, macaroni and cheese, and that whipped cream-topped pumpkin pie), so now is the time to cut back and make amends for the not-so-distant past. Dairy is a super common culprit of bloating, since many people’s bodies have trouble breaking down lactose. Try steering clear of things like milk, yogurt, and cheese for a bit until you’re feeling like things have stabilized a bit.

Eat some asparagus.

A natural diuretic, asparagus is a great way to help your body ditch any water weight you might still be retaining (you can thank all of the sodium-heavy eats from your Thanksgiving spread for that) post-Turkey Day.

Enlist the help of probiotics.

Kombucha, anyone? There’s nothing quite like a Thanksgiving-induced food coma to put your gut health in a bit of a whirlwind. Turning to a probiotic with a high dose of live cultures is one way to rebalance your gut and beat the bloat.


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