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How You Can Create a Wellness Space in Your Own Home

How You Can Create a Wellness Space in Your Own Home

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You wash your skin in lavish baths, detoxify your body with monthly juice cleanses, and workout weekly for fitness upkeep. Your body is a temple (as it rightfully should be) and quite naturally, you treat it accordingly. (Yes, your $40 toner from True Botanicals was a completely justified purchase. We get it.) But the truth here is that wellness goes beyond the body alone; it combines both physical and mental health. Just like your limbs need a balance of exercise and recovery, your mind requires intense stimulation and equally profound R&R. 

The question is: how can both your body and mind simultaneously reach the highest state of well-being? One simple, fairly mainstream answer could be healthy exercise, hygiene, and nutrition paired with socialization, intellectual stimulation, and meditation. Although true, this answer is incomplete. After digging a little deeper, we found that building a wellness space, in addition to practicing healthy behavior, is the key to optimal wellness. 

And what better place to build the ultimate recharge station than at home? *crickets*  That’s right, none other!  That being said, here are 5 super attainable ways to turn your cozy abode into your hottest wellness destination

Make your temple a sanctuary

When hearing the word “sanctuary”, what immediately comes to mind? If you ask me…. Haven, Oasis, safe house, shrine … are all terms that instantly popped into my head. The feelings of peacefulness, total liberty, and ultimate relaxation that naturally come with the word sanctuary imply a clean, and orderly, space, where no mess can clutter your body or mind. In this regard, try Marie-Kondoing your home for greater clarity and a more organized life (yes, Marie Kondo reached verb status – that’s how cool she is). But to fully complete your home’s status change from living space to wellness sanctuary, you’ll also have to cleanse the bad mojo away. To do so, combine water, cinnamon, roses, salts, a few drops of Palo Santo and lemongrass essential oils for protection, love, and good energy. And now, spray all the negative away! Shoo – Shoo bad energy!

Let the air in, keep the dirt out

Live in a fresh and clean environment for a happier, and more centered you – makes sense right? As a matter of fact, living in wellness means ridding yourself of all life pollutants like chaos and negative energy but also removing life’s more tangible parasites like stuffy air, dust, toxic chemicals, etc. There are two simple ways to do the latter:

  • Open your windows more often – ventilating outdoor airflow into your home will remove indoor must and crust, keeping you feeling fresh.
  • Get a doormat and set a no-shoe rule – Removing your shoes upon arrival will reduce toxic chemicals from staining your home, significantly removing home pollutants.

Sometimes wellness is just about implementing simple rules – they’re super easy to apply and have a hugely positive impact!

Give your reading nook a greater purpose

Every room in your home has a practical purpose – you cook in the kitchen, sleep in the bedroom, socialize in the living room, etc. Every room is tied to one activity (or more), that’s actionable. Such order keeps your life organized and daily chores maintainable, but within your space, it’s also important to reserve a nook for self-reflection, you-time, and complete unwinding. This wellness-centric spot could simply be a yoga mat, a meditation cushion, or even a comfy reading nook.  Wherever or whatever it may be, this space should be your retreat from the chaos of daily life – free from electronics, work, family, where you can fully turn off and focus on inner peace. 

Plants (and maybe a crystal or two)

According to Emarketer, we spend almost 4 hours on our phones a day; that’s approximately one day of browsing a week – yowza, a bit excessive wouldn’t you say? And, I know I know, we all love our Netflix binges and Instagram scrolls, but when striving for wellness, it’s best to limit electronic usage. You won’t only protect your eyes from the screen’s blue light, but also improve focus, and reduce radio wave exposure known to cause headaches, shortness of temper, and even cancer. 

One way to minimize electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure (when using your phone) is to adorn your surroundings with plants and crystals (bear with us). According to HuffPost, lavender, eucalyptus, and white sage have the perfect cleansing affect – place some in your bedroom, living quarters and anywhere else desired! Also, invest in some crystal phone jewelry, nightstand decor, and TV-stand bling. Iron-packed grounding stones, like black tourmaline, are especially useful in harmonizing low-level frequencies from electronics (and they’re super pretty too!) Copper and pyrite (amongst others) are great alternatives. They’ll significantly reduce your EMF-induced stress, fatigue, memory loss, and anxiety – all perfect for your ultimate wellness journey!

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