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Quiz: What’s the Best At-Home Workout for You to Do During Quarantine?

Quiz: What’s the Best At-Home Workout for You to Do During Quarantine?

Woman exercising in the living room while looking at her iPad

There’s no doubt about it, fitness is one of the most crucial components in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It not only helps with physical health, but mental wellness too —especially during times of great stress and uncertainty (ahem, quarantine). Of course, reaping the endorphin-boosting benefits of a good workout can be tougher when we’re confined to our homes, so the trick is all about finding the perfect fitness regimen to adopt in your abode. Don’t know where to star? Take our quiz to find your perfect at-home workout!

Would you rather dedicate your free-time to reading a book, or spend it binge-watching TV shows?

Would you consider yourself an introverted creative or an extroverted boss?

If you had to pick, would you rather watch basketball or football?

Do you prefer standing out in a crowd or blending in?

Back in high school, did you prefer math or philosophy?

Is working out a chore or a pleasure for you?

If you had the choice between meeting Ronda Rousey or Nastia Liukin, who would you choose?

What's your favorite way to drink coffee?

What's the Best At-Home Workout for Your Personality?
The Couch Workout

Exercises you can do on the couch

Don't let the title fool you — our couch workout is the ultimate calorie-burner! And based on your personality, you should give it a go. So next time you turn on the TV, fit in these banger couch exercises while watching your favorite Netflix series. They'll help you release some steam in a creative and fun way. Trust us — you'll never get sick of this routine! Despite your busy work schedule, you can easily incorporate these into your day. Practice these moves several times a week (read: anytime you're just chilling on the couch) to feel the burn and get some noticeable muscle gains. This unconventionally fun workout will convince you to hit up the gym post-quarantine. It's a game changer!
High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Nowadays, fitness coaches and influencers constantly rave about the effectiveness of HIIT. Naturally, these hyped-up workouts have become a super hot trend in the fitness world. Focused on strengthening the body, HIIT will help you build muscle very quickly (with barely any cardio). Lasting up to 40 minutes, HIIT workouts are easily implementable in your daily routine. And the best part is, you can still do them right at home, with no equipment at all! Despite quarantine, you can involve friends by joining Instagram LIVE sessions hosted by respectable fitness figures in the industry including Katie Wang and Charlee Atkins. HIIT is a super accessible workout which guarantees results.

Yoga is the quiet strengthener; it tones your body and leans out your muscles in the most gentle way. It focuses on training your body and your mind, giving you the chance to release both physical tension and mental stress. If you're the type of person to crave "me time" and tend to re-energize when left alone, yoga is the perfect fit for you. Calming yet strengthening, this practice is an introvert's dream!
Throwback Workout videos

Woman doing leg lifts while lying down on her side

You're full of energy, love to workout, and always keeps things fun! But you can also get bored easily, and get sick of following one routine. You're a fire-cracker and need an equally punchy workout to match your personality. How does an '80s retro workout sound? It's high-intensity, cardio-focused, and super entertaining to watch. For instance, Jane Fonda's color-blocked skin-tight gear is a major throwback moment we can all appreciate. Her look truly defined the '80s fitness era, and kept things bold and shameless. A bit like you, right? We know you're itching to give our favorite retro workouts a try. Pick one, video call a friend, and get ready for an unforgettable time!

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