Are You Getting In Your Own Way? How To Stop Telling Yourself Your Own BS Story

Telling people I meet what I do for a living always leads to some variation of the following phrase:

“Ugh I have been trying forever to….

  • lose weight
  • be healthier
  • get stronger
  • get fit
  • get off my medicine
  • prevent having to take medicine like my ______
  • put muscle on
  • get rid of _____ fat
  • tighten ______ area
  • tone____

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When I ask what they are currently doing, I usually hear “I don’t have the time” and my personal favorite “I don’t have the money.”

Saying you don’t have the time or money is the adult version of  saying, “My dog ate my homework.”   You make time for what is important to you.  You find the money for what you want to buy.  And for the women out there, we know its our gift to find the money for the things we truly want.

There are three things that need to be addressed if you want to improve your health.

Fitness routine

Dietary intake

Mindset: Your abilities to achieve your results and overcome any self sabotaging habits A.K.A limiting beliefs.

I am a firm believer that you can teach yourself almost anything.  When you hire someone who is an expert in their field, you are paying for their knowledge, their time, and their experience.  In the fitness and nutrition industry, you are also hiring them for support.  If you have been trying for a long time to do any of the above, ask yourself, “Have I been using money and lack of time as an excuse to not reach my goals?”

Let’s first pick apart your money story.  So…you don’t have the money to pay for a personal trainer, a weight loss coach, or a nutritionist but you desperately want to change your situation.  First sit down and  get real with yourself.  How important is ______ goal to you?

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Here are two possible scenarios that I see frequently:

Scenario 1. “I hate the way I look, but changing _________ is impossible. I don’t think I will be able to really achieve my goals so I use lack of money as an excuse to hold myself back.  Because I hate how I look I use excessive shopping as a distraction from getting to the life/body I truly desire.”

Example situation: The women who says personal training is too expensive in an effort to distract herself from hating the way she looks shops weekly putting herself in a financially straining situation.  In turn she can’t afford personal training or a life coach who would ultimately help her achieve the results she truly desires.

Scenario 2.  “I am scared of developing _______ disease like my _______.  My doctor says I need to have a healthier lifestyle in order to get off medication but I can’t afford a $____ gym membership.  So I will continue to pay for medication because its easier to do this then pay for a gym membership I may never use.”

Example situation: I frequently hear complaints that a $125 gym membership at Lifetime is too expensive, but I see a line out the door, all hours of the day, at every Starbucks location.  The cheapest drink is $2.50, most people spend an average of about $5.00 per visit.

$5.00 x 31 Days = $155 a Month!

Oh, look your gym membership!  Now I am not here to judge or take away your Frappuccino’s.  But each of us has to ask, “Where are my priorities?”

Now lets say you aren’t one of these women and you truly don’t have the funds. Let’s look at some options…

On average most trainers range from $80-$150 for a private training session.  If you were to train 3x a week that can really add up over a course of a month.  If you are just starting out, hiring a personal trainer is the optimal way to go.  Look at it as a way to jump start your results, and not something you would need to do forever. Same idea applies for a weight loss coach.  When done correctly, it can be an investment for a limited time and a kick start to your success.  During this time you will have someone catering to your needs, going at your pace and getting you to your goal much more quickly.  Instead of looking at it as another bill, view it as added insurance to your health that will pay for itself by lowering your medicals costs, copay for doctor visits, prescriptive drugs and time you need to take off of work.  Not to mention, what is the price tag on feeling great every morning, increased energy and feeling comfortable in your clothes?

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Here are 3 ways you can get in shape regardless of your budget:

Hire a personal trainer and find a way to make the investment work in your budget. I say invest in personal training 3x a week for 90 days.  Ask your personal trainer if they can write you up a plan for the additional 1-2 days a week you plan on getting to the gym.  This will get you in the habit of exercising alone and you will get your additional days of exercising without any added costs.

Research training techniques and put together your own training program. This will of course save you money. However,  it will also take effort on your part to stick to a schedule and a routine.  For someone just starting out this may be half the battle.  Be honest with yourself, will you show up for your own workouts if you know that nobody is expecting you to be there?  Will you push yourself just as hard if nobody is looking?  Are you familiar with the proper form that is needed for each exercise?  Do you know what to do in order to reach your goals?

Join a gym with free group classes. A gym membership can be $30-$150 a month. Definitely cost effective, but beware of 2 possible pitfalls. I have found group classes to be mostly cardio based which can be taxing on the joints. Excess cardio will not build muscle or give you the lean, toned look all women desire, especially as we age. Be sure to ask the gym which classes focus on muscle building. With a large amount of people in a class it is impossible for the instructor to watch everyones form the entire time. For those with injuries or who are just starting out this could be very dangerous.  Tip: Introduce yourself to the instructor in order to let them know your situation. Possibly hire them for a couple private training sessions to go over the form that will be used during classes.

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Ok, so you have decided on a route to take to accomplish your fitness goals.  Now lets look at your lack of time….

I have met with people who have 3 kids, spend 2 hours commuting every day in addition to a 10 hour work day. Those people don’t have the time!  What’s their key to making it all happen? Work with your lifestyle and what you can realistically do.

Almost every single client I talk to would rather cram in workout sessions during the week than take advantage of the 2 days (Saturday and Sunday) that they have off from work to exercise.  Why is that? Because everyone considers exercise WORK!  Who would ever want to willingly work on the weekends?  For as long as you believe exercise to be something you loath, it will be difficult for you to stick to a schedule.  Same goes for food shopping, making dinner, planning meals in advance, eating health and choosing to have a healthier lifestyle.

Exercise is NOT work!

Taking time out, treating your body and mind with extra care is not going to take from your kids, husband, or job.  It will instead enhance your performance and your life!

Repeat that to yourself until your believe it!

If you are just starting out, plan in advance the first 3-4 days of your new workout routine.  Remember the feeling you have every time you leave the gym, bottle that feeling up and remind yourself when you want to put it off how crappy you feel when you don’t go.  If you go to the gym 1x a month you will be forever starting.

The same is true with all other “healthy” goals you may have for yourself.  Starting is always the hardest.  Work on building consistent action!  Make every day a little better than the last.

About Kerin Briscese

Kerin Briscese is owner of HauteFitness Health. Kerin has helped hundreds of clients lose weight by building a healthier lifestyle. Kerin is a graduate of The French Culinary Institute, Institute of Integrative Nutrition, NASM certified and Resonance Repatterining Practitioner.