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Are There Health Benefits to Having Flowers in Your Home?

Are There Health Benefits to Having Flowers in Your Home?

Just about anybody can attest to the aesthetic appeal of having flowers in your home, but what about the psychological? Beyond just giving your space a fresh, bright upgrade, is it possible that having flowers on your dining table or around your living room could actually have some health payoffs, too? The research says definitely.

For starters, there are several studies that point to indoor flowers as a source of overall well-being. There are a number of studies, for example, that look at the psychological and physiological benefits of floral arrangements in hospital rooms, where it’s been found that the presence of bright flowers and potted plants tends to have such effects as lowering blood pressure, reducing anxiety, and improving energy levels. Outside of hospital rooms, research has found that flowers on dining tables, for example, help promote an overall better mood in diners.

As for scent, it’s been proven that the smell of floral arrangements alone is enough to help reduce anxiety and improve mood.

Of course, the sensory benefits of floral arrangements in your home come down as much to the type of flower as they do to just having flowers in your home at all, which means it’s important to consider the kinds of flowers that you’re using to decorate your space in order to reap the benefits that mean the most to you. For example, while florals with a more muted or brighter hue tend to be relaxing and calming, more saturated color palettes can be energizing. Scent-wise, it’s no different. Different scents come into play for different purposes. So while the scent of lavender might help improve mental focus, the scent of daisies might help minimize the effects of a hangover.

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Getting the most out of your floral d├ęcor may largely come down to making sure that you know your way around the benefits of different flowers. But even if you’re not necessarily well-versed in the language of flowers, there’s one thing you can count on: having any flowers at all in your space could be enough to shake things up for the better.

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