Issue #196: The Sea Issue

Summer is the best season to indulge in all the seafood you can get your hands on, but that doesn’t mean your commitment to healthy eating has to go out the window with your air conditioning bill. We hunted down some of the most delicious recipes to shine a light on the bright, brilliant flavors of the sea so that you can lap it up all summer long. The weather’s hot, the night is young, and the sea creatures are delicious.


To keep things clean, best steer clear of fried fish tacos and take advantage of the grill instead. How about some halibut with tomato avocado salsa? If you just can’t get the tacos out of your head, there’s a grilled version of that, too. Still looking for something else to toss on the barbie? Chuck those beef-heavy burgers and make your own salmon version instead.

Searing is a great way to ease potential raw fish fears without losing out on those delicious, juicy cuts –– like with this seared salmon and brown rice salad, or this seared ahi tuna with chimichurri sauce. Throw heat out the window with an ahi tuna poke bowl, or run all the way to the safety of the oven with baked sweet chili garlic salmon.


Crab cakes don’t have the healthiest reputation, but this recipe wants to prove you wrong. And for an accompanying dish, why not try these crab-stuffed avocados? (Because, yes, we would like a side of crab with our crab, thank you very much.)

Big fan of the lobster roll but don’t want to feel like one on the beach? Skip out on the death by butter and opt for a lobster Niçoise salad instead.

Don’t go full scampi, but toss around some shrimp and peppers with this linguine to get your pasta fill. For something to warm your insides on those random, breezy summer eves, whip up a bowl of 20-minute sriracha shrimp ramen and feel great that it’s not that scary stuff from the gas station shelf.


Want to feel like a class act without the baguette? Mussels in white wine sauce should do the trick, but pan seared scallops with citrus sauce will also suffice in a pinch. If you’re still trying to get into clams but need a little encouragement, linguine is here to save you yet again.


As much as we also love plunging fried rings of yumminess into tubs of marinara sauce, we’re going to be kind to our bodies and opt for this pan grilled calamari recipe. If you can get your hands on a solid piece of octopus, try this Greek grilled version with rosemary and thyme and take yourself on a little culinary journey to the Mediterranean this weekend.

All together now

Want to taste all the flavors of the ocean in one dish? Give a plate of seafood nachos a whirl. As it turns out, even if you don’t have several hours to spend stirring a large pot of simmering seafood, you too can serve up a delicious paella whenever your heart desires.