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8 Foods to Help Control Your Appetite

8 Foods to Help Control Your Appetite

As much as we try to eat healthy, there’s always the occasional slip – one that typically comes somewhere between maxing out the amount of kale you can stand and realizing that you’ve chosen black bean over regular burgers for long enough.

One of the big problems with eating healthy, unfortunately, is that it can be really hard to eat well and still feel full and satisfied after meals, especially if your go-to healthy lunch is a light salad that tends to leave you ravenous by dinner time. To help get around the issue, we rounded up eight superfoods you can eat throughout the day to help keep you full, longer.


Avocado on toast with cress

1. Oatmeal

According to a study by the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, participants who ate oatmeal reported feeling fuller longer than those who ate typical boxed cereal. This could be because oatmeal is a lot higher in protein and fiber, or because it has absorbed a lot of water by the time you eat it, making it especially filling.

2. Eggs

Swap your blueberry breakfast bagel for protein-packed egg whites. Starting your day off with eggs can help keep your appetite under control throughout the day thanks to their high protein content. Plus, studies have shown that eating eggs reduce daily calorie intake in the long run.

3. Avocado

Hit the road bread and butter, we’ve found a new sidekick for toast at breakfast: avocado. Studies have shown that eating just half an avocado as part of a meal can leave people feeling full for longer periods of time and less prone to snacking than people who eat meals with the same number of calories without avocado.


Banana Slices in a small bowl (on vintage background)


4. Apples

Apples are super high in fiber and water content, which means that they have a way of keeping you easily satisfied between meals. Consider munching on one a bit before mealtime, which will help you eat more when it’s time to sit down for lunch or dinner.

5. Banana

Bananas can help stop hunger in its tracks thanks to the fruit’s blood sugar-boosting capabilities. Not to mention, it helps the brain produce serotonin, which lessens the chances of you feeling anxious, a feeling that tends to play into snacking and overeating.


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chickpeas with tomato carrot green beans cornLUNCH

6. Lentils and Chickpeas

These nutrient-dense pulses are ideal foods for curbing hunger woes. Studies have shown that  more than 30% of people tend to be more satisfied after eating beans and legumes, thanks to this superfood’s high fiber content.


Baked salmon garnished with asparagus and tomatoes with herbs


7. Salmon

Eating foods high in omega-3, like salmon and tuna, can help banish any late-night cravings or post-dinner snacking. The reason? Digesting omega-3 is linked to producing the hormone leptin, which is known for its ability to control the body’s response to hunger.


Organic Dark Chocolate Candy BarDESSERT

8. Cacao

Is it possible for chocolate to be healthy? Actually (and, thankfully), yes. Eating dark chocolate with at least a 70% concentration of cacao can suppress your appetite. Not to mention, your mind associates chomping on chocolate with pleasure-seeking emotions, so the added mood boost is certainly a plus and could further help you keep cravings under control.

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