Issue #70: The Hydration Issue

Water is good for you in more ways than you may realize.

Most people understand that basic hydration is a good thing, but you might be surprised to know some of the perks that come from drinking good, old-fashioned H20.

1. Brainpower

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Drinking water when feeling dehydrated can give your brain quite the efficiency boost, according to a recent study. In the same way that physical exertion feels strained when you’re dehydrated, mental exertion is much harder for your brain if you’re dehydrated.

2. Heart Health and Blood Circulation

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Dehydration leads to lower blood volume, which makes your heart work overtime. If you’re not hydrating properly over an extensive period of time, as in years, it could mean trouble down the road. On the flip side, a few extra glasses every day will go a long way in keeping a healthy heart.

3. Healthy Skin

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There’s debate over how drinking water impacts your skin health, however dehydration will certainly inhibit the organ from functioning properly. There’s more to healthy skin than simply staying hydrated, but it’s a good first step, if nothing else.

4. Muscle Energy and Endurance

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Blood circulation is critical for muscle growth, so staying hydrated ensures maximum muscular efficiency. If your cells aren’t getting enough oxygen, it can make ordinary things like lifting boxes a challenge. More than anything else, you want to make sure your body has plenty of water before getting your sweat on.

5. Minimize Headaches

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Again, it all comes back to blood flow and circulation. Given that it’s such a vital process, one that affects the entire body, lots of things can go south if it’s not working at peak efficiency. Headaches can occur for a number of reasons, however insufficient electrolytes and water inhibits your brain from normal functions.

6. Kidney Function and Health

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If you haven’t heard, passing a kidney stone is a very painful ordeal. In addition to giving up sodas and energy drinks, drinking plenty of water is a good way to avoid kidney stones. Consistent water consumption throughout the day will filter out the crystals that can form which lead to kidney stones.

7. Digestion

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Drinking plenty of water will quickly remind you how well your urinary tract is working correctly, however it also helps boost your metabolism. Drinking water immediately upon waking up in the morning improves your metabolism by 24% for 90 minutes, according to trainer CPT Rod Ferris.

8. Energy

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Dehydration leads to all kinds of fatigue. In addition to the metabolic boost, drinking water in the morning is a great source of energy. Rather than making that cup of Joe your first sip in the morning, try putting off the coffee until later and drinking water when you first wake up.

Staying hydrated is essential to maintain all of your body processes and overall health. In addition, enhance your general wellbeing by adding supplements into your routine. Take a free consultation to find out which vitamins would benefit you.