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7 Wellness Hotspots to Hit Up in Miami

7 Wellness Hotspots to Hit Up in Miami

Miami might have first made its way onto your radar thanks to its iconic beaches and killer nightlife (not to mention that sweet Art Deco district), but the sunny city happens to be as much of a hub for wellness as it is for sunbathing. Here, we’ve rounded up seven of our go-to Miami hotspots for all the healthiest eats, sweat sessions, and spa days you could ask for.



232 5th Street, Miami Beach,
Don’t be fooled by the name – DIRT is all about the cleanest of eats. Think paleo and gluten-free; vegan and vegetarian; grass-fed and totally seasonal. Did we miss anything? Basically, DIRT is all about combining healthy, high-quality ingredients with quick and affordable grub – a mission that has made the farm-to-counter a go-to for guilt-free fare on the beach.

Fontaine Bleau LAPIS SPA
Fontaine Bleau


4441 Collins Ave, Miami Beach,
The best workout is a workout that gives you results, yes. But the second best workout is the one that is followed by a deep tissue massage, then a quick mani pedi and a blowout. And where better to enjoy some post-workout pampering than at the place that Martha Stewart herself has hailed as the most beautiful spa in America?

Juice Lab cold-pressed juices in Miami Beach
Instagram / juicelabcafe


1819 West Ave, Suite 2, Miami Beach
Who knew that a simple cup – err, bottle – of juice could be all you need to put your body and health in tip-top shape? The founders of Juice Lab did, that’s who. This South Beach hotspot is a go-to for fresh, cold-pressed juices that use only the best fruits and vegetables sources from local Florida farmers. Plus, there’s a selection of creamier blends made with a raw almond milk base. Yes, please.

SpaFinder Exhale Miami


10295 Collins Ave., Miami,
A yoga studio that is also a barre studio that is also a spa. Exhale has got everything you need to squeeze in a great workout and some much-needed post-workout recovery. And in addition to killer barre and yoga offerings, you can also look forward to high-powered cardio sessions thanks to HIIT, bootcamp, and barre/cardio fusion classes.

Anatomy at 1220 in Miami, Florida
Anatomy at 1220


1220 20th Street, Miami Beach,
When you can get pretty much everything you need to achieve your wellness goals in one place – we’re talking personal training, health monitoring, Vita Squad vitamin infusions, food sensitivity testing, a steam room, an infrared sauna, cold therapy, massage therapy, and more (yes, more) – then you’ve got more than enough reason to go. Or just, you know, never leave.

Ono Poke Shop in Miami
Ono Poke Shop


2320 N. Miami Ave, Miami,
Before Ono Poke Shop opened its doors, Miami-goers (and residents) didn’t really have any awesome options in the way of authentic poke. (If you’ve had poke, you know why this is a sad problem. If you haven’t had poke, why?) But now, the casual eatery has brought the traditional, raw fish-based Hawaiian dish to the beach-bumming masses – and it’s done it with a Japanese twist that uses all the best ingredients from a traditional sushi bar right in your bowl. 

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Man holding his knee while it's wrapped up

Instagram/benbisley_ 5TH STREET GYM


1434 Alton Rd, Miami,
When it comes to picking the right boxing gym, it seems fair to go by the standard: “If was good enough for Muhammad Ali, it’s good enough for me.” At 5th Street Gym, not only will you be blasting  – and we do mean blasting – calories at the spot that was not only good enough for The Greatest himself, but that has also been good enough for the likes of celebs like Sylvester Stallone, Adrianna Lima, Sean Connery, and Frank Sinatra. 

All these health and fitness recommendations have you itching to book a trip? Worry not – we’ve partnered with our friends over at Wine Awesomeness to bring you the ultimate Miami getaway. Enter now for your chance to win!

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