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7 Ways To Set Yourself Up For a Better Workout

7 Ways To Set Yourself Up For a Better Workout

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Some people live for the endorphin rush at the end of a long sweat sesh, while others struggle to drag themselves into their sneakers and shorts, much less all the way to the gym. But it goes without saying that working out is a pretty central part of living your best life, so we’ve come up with a few ways to make sure you get the absolute most out of every drop of sweat.

Look good, feel good.

Wear gear that makes you feel strong, whether that be the newest leggings and bra set from Outdoor Voices or that old college t-shirt with Mr. T in all his growling glory. The point is to get in a good mood and make some big moves.

Getcha head in the game.

Connecting your head to the happenings in your body during a workout keeps you from getting injured while also making you thoroughly aware of every inch of progress you’re making. So, before you hit the high-kicks, bring your mind out of the fog and focus on what you’re here to do. And drop the negativity¬†before you even begin.

Sleep and hydrate like there’s an especially hot tomorrow.

What’s worse: walking into a workout with a headache, getting five minutes in and feeling every drop of moisture evaporate from your body, or falling face-first back into bed as soon as it’s over? Whatever your choice, make sure you’re sleeping long and hard and pretty much chugging all the (tap) water you can find in order to avoid these wildly unpleasant scenarios.

Eat something, but just a lil’ something.

Trying to work out with a full¬†tummy doesn’t just make you slower and sluggish, it also pulls blood away from the stomach where it needs to be busily yanking nutrients out of your food supply. A small snack, though, can provide a nice energy boost before you go into full-on beast mode. As with everything, moderation is key.

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Warm up your body.

Sprinting straight into a workout without warming up your limbs and ligaments is a GREAT way to get hurt. Not to mention, getting a little loose before exercising will make the effort that much more effective. Even for just a quick jaunt around the park, warming up is the good habit your workout routine needs.

Go before you go.

Having to rush out of a class to use the loo or worse, getting caught far from home without many options, is the opposite of an ideal scenario. Try to spend some time with your porcelain throne before you start jumping around and knocking your insides about – we guarantee the sailing will be smoother.

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