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7 Ways to Revive Your Health Journey When it Goes Off Track

7 Ways to Revive Your Health Journey When it Goes Off Track

There is no need to beat yourself up and make yourself feel like the Grinch who stole Christmas just because you can’t remember the last time you’ve seen an elliptical or drank 8 glasses of water; beating yourself up won’t motivate you to recommit.

But if you follow these seven tips, you will have the extra boost that is needed to restart your health journey.


1. Let Go of the Past

Review your past performance and use it as valuable feedback to move forward. Ask yourself, “What were the challenges I faced in the past? What can I do to overcome them? How can I track my progress and reward myself to stay motivated?” This performance review will give you the data you need to create a better plan in the future.

adobestock_889081692. Make Your Health a Priority

Most people say they want to commit to their health, but if the majority of their day is spent gossiping on the phone, handling unforeseen work requests, and constantly responding to their six-year old’s temper tantrums, it’s obvious that their health is not a priority. Your health journey is like brushing your teeth – it’s not an option. If your health is truly a priority, you must find time to exercise instead of making an excuse as to why you can’t go to the gym.

3. Choose the Best Plan Given Your Schedule

It’s good to be ambitious about your health goals, but you need to also be realistic. Don’t set yourself up for failure by saying you will workout every morning when you are notorious in your office for being late to work. Know yourself and determine what will work best for you given the details of your schedule.

adobestock_1053694174. Commit to Small Changes and Celebrate Your Progress

Don’t be tempted to follow the health track of the perfectly sculpted body-builders on TV and expect to look like them in the next 30 days. Patience wins when it comes to your health: commit to a few small steps and add on more changes when you start to make progress. Take it slow – just remove some of the additional calories on your burger for starters and choose drinks that are not highly carbonated. You can then celebrate your progress by having a meal or a dessert of your choice once a week or maybe even once a month.

adobestock_875016055. Find an Accountability Partner

If you really want to achieve your goals, find someone who is just as committed as you–maybe even more committed. Join a health group on social media or find a health partner at the gym who can motivate you to achieve goals that were once only dreams. When you feel like pressing the snooze button, that accountability partner will be in your ear reminding you why you started this health journey.

adobestock_641304346. Participate in a Fitness Challenge

There are fitness challenges all over the web that allow you to increase the amount of reps you do for a particular exercise every morning. Try these 10- minute calorie-burning workouts or Squat and Push-Up 31-Day Bootcamp.

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Try monitoring your steps and track how well you are doing against peers in your network with the help of a Fitbit; the Fitbit device helps you to stay motivated by allowing you to participate in daily, weekly, or weekend step challenges with a maximum of nine of your other Fitbit friends.

adobestock_1020272387. Set Goals That Inspire You

Jim Rohn once said, “You want to set a goal that is big enough that, in the process of achieving that goal, you become someone worth becoming.” Make sure you are setting goals that inspire you to be better than you were yesterday. You have to keep motivating yourself to hit new goals even after you start to see progress. So, maybe you go from wanting to lose 10 pounds to competing in your first 5K; this 5K stirs up a new challenge that forces you to not become complacent on your journey to a better you.



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