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7 Tips to Help You Wake Up a Little Bit Happier Every Day

7 Tips to Help You Wake Up a Little Bit Happier Every Day

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If you’re guilty of hitting the snooze button until your fingers go numb and chugging down a strong cup of coffee before anyone comes your way in the morning, you may need an early morning boost to get your day started.

Don’t fret; we have the perfect morning happiness formula – and you can’t buy it in stores.

Waking up a little bit happier every day doesn’t have to be some esoteric concept reserved only for fairytales; it can become your reality if you are committed to making these few transformative changes.

Take advantage of a few moments of meditation.

If you want to increase your happiness, you must be willing to decrease the stress, fears, and anxiety that cloud your mind. A few moments of meditation may be just what you need to cultivate the inner peace you seek. Meditation rests the body, calms the mind, and allows you to submit to the beauty of the present moment.

Don’t worry about sitting cross-legged in a traditional meditation style pose; it’s all about awakening your mind so that you can let go and let life flow in a harmonious way.

Start with an attitude of gratitude.

Don’t start your day thinking about every item you have to conquer on your to-do list (you might be tempted to hit the snooze button again!). Instead, grab a pen and paper and write down 5 things you are grateful for. This attitude of gratitude automatically positions your mind to attract more good things throughout the day. Soon, you’ll be skipping to work with a smile on your face as everyone stops and stares at your positive Monday morning vibes.

Exercise your way to happiness.

If you’re looking for an early morning endorphin release, try a power-packed fitness routine such as Tabata, cycling, or bootcamp to get you moving in the right direction. You’ll start sweating in minutes and have a chance to release all the toxins within you so that you can take in all the positive vibes around you.

Limited time? Do a ten – minute calorie -burning (squats, push-ups, and planks are all great options!) workout to get your heart pumping. Or, bypass the morning sweat by stretching your muscles to get the blood flowing throughout your body.

Fill your body with nutritionally-dense foods that you love.

Who needs high dosages of caffeinated coffee when you have a plate full of energizing super foods? There’s a reason your parents told you to eat breakfast in the morning. It’s the most important meal of the day, supplying you with the boost you need to increase productivity and decrease fatigue.

You can jumpstart your day with foods high in protein, omega 3 fats, and fiber to enjoy greater levels of happiness throughout the day.

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Digest motivational words while you prepare for your day.

Have you heard the saying, “sticks and stones may break your bones but words will never hurt you?” Words may not physically damage you but they have the power to delay or accelerate your progress.

Feed your mind with words of inspiration that inspire you to be your best. Whether it’s the radio, podcast, Ted Talks, or an audio book, you have to be committed to nourishing your mind with thoughts that help you to unlock new levels of happiness.

Prepare for a productive morning before even going to bed.

Rummaging through piles of clothes trying to determine the best attire for today’s meeting might not be the best use of your morning. Do yourself a favor: find your desired apparel and organize your daily necessities the night before and all you have to do is wake up, get up, and go!

Advanced preparation gives you more time to do the things you love the most in the morning – and sleeping doesn’t have to be exempt from the list.

Let go of past problems.

Every day is a brand new day to enjoy the possibilities in front of you. Don’t waste it thinking about what didn’t happen or what should have happened yesterday. Release your worries at night so that you can start your day creating a new page in your life’s adventure.

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