7 Scrubs and Body Oils to Brighten Skin

As hard as we try, taking care of our skin can be hard sometimes. Everyone wants to have radiant, hydrated skin, but it’s much easier said than done. And even though we know we shouldn’t, sometimes we just go ahead and opt for the cheaper makeup, forget to wash our face at night, and skip moisturizer when our skin needs it most. Thankfully, there are body scrubs and oils that will help us make up for all the times we slacked off with skincare. With these seven oils and scrubs, brightening, refreshing and hydrating your skin has never been simpler.

stress-reliefBath and Body Works Aromatherapy Scrub, $15

This oil-based scrub leaves skin not only soft, but shimmery and radiant. The scrub uses sugar instead of salt, so it’s great for sensitive skin. This product will leave you glowing, and it will relieve stress in the process with its relaxing eucalyptus spearmint aroma.

vanilla-bean-scrub100% Pure All-Natural Body Scrub$15

Perfect for sensitive skin, this scrub is organic and free of chemicals. It’s another sugar-based product, so say goodbye to the sting of salt-based products and hello to soft, smooth, all-natural skin after you exfoliate with this scrub.

the-body-shopThe Body Shop Cocoa Butter Body Scrub, $13

Instead of using grains of sugar or salt, this scrub uses rice to exfoliate your skin to ensure that the grains don’t dissolve before you finish your scrub. The rice does away with old dry skin and reveals new, glowing skin while the cocoa butter moisturizes and leaves you smelling delicious.

clinque-creamClinique Sparkle Skin Body Exfoliating Cream, $37

Great for exfoliating before shaving, this product isn’t harsh on skin and can be used often and with sensitive skin. Escape dry and oily skin and use this scrub for a radiant feel and look.

skin-lighteningAuravedic Skin Lightening Oil, $16

It’s always great to go all natural for skincare so you know exactly what you’re getting. This oil combines natural ingredients like turmeric oil, orange oil, lime oil and licorice extract for a hydrating and brightening effect.

tata-harrperTata Harper All-Natural Resurfacing Mask, $58

All-natural face oils are definitely trending. This mask is another mix of natural essential oils and extracts that will do more than brighten your skin. It works to refresh your complexion, decongest your skin and reduce the appearance of pores in under 10 minutes.