These 7 Grocery Store Items Double as Beauty Products

We’re all about groceries that are flexible and work overtime to make our lives a little easier. Like avocados that can be on toast for breakfast or whipped into guac for dinner. Or oatmeal that can cater to sweet and savory palettes alike. But when it comes to versatility, there are a ton of foods you can snag at the supermarket that go beyond being flexible in the kitchen – they happen to work wonders on your skin and hair, too. In fact, lots of the things you’ve probably already got in your fridge or pantry might have some major beauty benefits when applied topically; the trick is knowing how to use them properly. Here, we’ve rounded up seven of our favorite groceries that double as beauty products. (Now this is what we call double duty.)

Apple Cider vinegar is a grocery that doubles as a beauty product thanks to its toning properties.

Apple Cider Vinegar

When it comes to natural and organic solutions for radiant skin, apple cider vinegar (ACV) reigns supreme as the king of all grocery store products. Its biggest claim to fame? It’s an ideal facial toner. ACV works by removing dirt and balancing the skin’s pH to prevent breakouts and reduce unruly blemishes. Grab a cotton ball and mix ACV with water – less for oily skin and more for dry – and wipe all over your face. For an added bonus, you can also drink a teaspoon of ACV first thing in the morning to aid in your weight management goals.

Bob Mill's organic rolled oats.


If you don’t have oats in your cupboard, you’re missing out on a powerful breakfast staple that also has the potential to majorly rejuvenate your skin. Oatmeal is one of the oldest natural antioxidant remedies known for removing dead skin cells, lightening the skin, treating acne, reducing pore size, and relieving symptoms of aging skin. The gritty, fibrous oats are perfect for a quick exfoliation scrub. To make your own, simply blend a tablespoon each of honey and water with 1/4 a cup of oats and apply to your face. Rinse off in 20 minutes or whenever your face begins to feel tight.



Unusual, but effective: strawberries can help whiten teeth. Don’t believe us? Simply mash the strawberries into a paste (add baking soda for extra power) and brush it all over your pearly (or at least soon-to-be-pearly) whites. What makes strawberries a superb teeth whitener is it’s rich vitamin C, which helps eliminate plaque and remove stains. Trust us, with this trick up your sleeve, you’ll have your dentist complimenting you on your bright smile for sure at your next appointment.

Raw honey


If you’re suffering from parched lips (don’t worry, it happens to the best of us), a pinch of brown sugar mixed with a dab of honey will get rid of the problem in no time.  Honey is loaded with antibacterial properties that hydrate chapped lips and prevent infection from developing in cracked lips. And if you’re running low on lip balm, you can just use honey throughout the day for added moisture and healing. Before you dive into bed for your daily slumber, apply a dose at night so that the honey can revitalize your lips while you sleep.

Yogi chamomile tea

Chamomile Tea

You can substitute your favorite eye cream for chamomile herbal tea bags if you want to reduce dark circles and puffy bags. Chamomile tea’s antioxidants are perfect for soothing redness, reducing puffiness, and calming inflammation. Just boil water, soak the tea bags for up to 5 minutes, let the bags cool off, squeeze excess liquid, lie down, and close your eyes with a tea bag placed over each eye. Now cover your eyes with a soft cloth and let chamomile’s tranquilizing properties rejuvenate you.

phillips milk of magnesia

Milk of Magnesia

If you find yourself using tons of powders and blotting sheets every hour, try a dab of milk of magnesia all over your face before applying your makeup. This milky white liquid works miracles for oily skin, minimizing pores and preventing breakouts. Use a thin layer of milk of magnesia on the skin to draw out impurities. It’s often touted as an effective makeup primer to control shine and even out skin tone.

An avocado is a grocery store item that can double as a beauty product thanks to its ability to boost hair health.


You’ve patiently been waiting for your avocados to ripen, so why not get as much use out of them as possible? This protein-rich fruit is loaded with essential vitamins that prevent hair loss and produce shiny hair. Use avocado as a dandruff treatment, hair moisturizer, and hair growth stimulant. Try an avocado scalp mask for a miracle hair treatment that will work wonders for your hair.

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