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7 Beauty Products We’re Obsessing Over

7 Beauty Products We’re Obsessing Over

A killer workout regimen and clean diet are all well and good when it comes to keeping your appearance in check, but that doesn’t mean it hurts to have a few secret weapons in your beauty arsenal to keep you looking your absolute best. To help you stay as on top of your beauty routine as you are on your fitness and nutrition, stock up on these beauty go-to’s.

61-t4sXp66L._SX522_Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel, $48

Any skin-brightening, wrinkle-reducing product that offers up spa-level exfoliation in the comfort of your own home is a product worth trying out. Especially when that product also boasts an ingredient list that is totally organic and features natural elements like green apples and willow bark.


WellPath Beauty, $30

It doesn’t really matter what your slathering on your face and rubbing into your tresses – if you’re not taking care of your body on the inside, it’s tough to keep everything looking its best on the outside. These vitamins, which contain the perfect blend of beautifying ingredients like biotin, vitamin E, and fish oil, are essential to rounding out an otherwise masterful beauty regimen.


Uma Ultimate Brightening Face Oil, $150

You probably wouldn’t mind waiting a while for a brightening oil to do what it promises, so long as it actually gets the job done in the end. But with this sweet-smelling oil, which sources all of its ingredients straight from India, not only can you look forward to real results, you can look forward to seeing said results in as little as two weeks.


Fat and the Moon Eye Coal

With a total of four – yes, four – ingredients (two of which are sunflower oil and beeswax), this eye coal has all the effect of a dramatic eye shadow without all of the dramatics on the ingredient label.

31mEJt+hSELReverie Nude Shampoo$38

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You can lather, rinse, and repeat for days, but if the shampoos and conditioners that you’re using are riddled with chemicals, chances are the thorough cleansing is going to do more harm for your hair than good. Get the most out of your wash with a shampoo that is handcrafted with only the best organic ingredients from around the world.

Sole Serum, $20

A good beauty routine is one that has you covered from head to toe – literally. To make sure that you’re always feeling your best while you’re looking your best, this convenient serum uses ingredients like lavender oil to relieve any pain that comes with rocking your favorite heels.


Dirty Lemon Skin + Hair, $65/case

If only a few small sips were all it took to get you closer to healthier skin and hair. Well, thanks to this expert formula – which promises things like better skin density, more skin elasticity, and improved skin health – a few sips basically are all you need. 

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