6 Ways to Deep Clean This Weekend For a Fresher-Feeling Home

You’ve probably already Marie Kondo’ed your clothing and stacks of papers and maybe even the mysterious komono, but tidying up isn’t quite the same as a true cleansing deep clean. Get ahead of your spring cleaning this weekend by giving some much-needed attention to these probably-dingy areas of your home, and head into next week with a fresher look on your home and your life.

Start with the shelves.

Every flat surface in your home is quite literally a sitting duck for dust accumulation. Maybe you’re better than most of us about running a duster across your books and beautiful decorative objects, but take some time this weekend to completely unpack, wipe down, and rearrange all the shelves in your home along with their contents. You’ll be breathing easier knowing that your books can too.

Clean your light fixtures.

Hopefully you won’t let the dust on your bulbs build up to being an actual fire hazard, but you should still take care to wipe down your light fixtures on a regular basis. Lamps are easy, but it’s worth it to get up to ceiling fixtures as well and wipe away what’s only going to be a future mess down below later. Plus, you’re paying for the electricity, why not get the brightest bang for your buck?

Attack the cabinets and drawers.

Empty out and wipe down your cabinets and drawers, inside and out. You’ll feel better knowing that tiny dust colony in the corner is no more, and your items won’t get dirtier just from sitting in their rightful storage. This also gives you the chance to purge some of the things no longer sparking joy (or being any sort of useful), and reorganize the remaining items.

Wash your windows.

Window grime is the best way to block out the gorgeous sunshine trying desperately to work its way into your happy home – all it takes is a microfiber cloth and solid cleaning solution to get going. Try to wash windows when they aren’t in direct sunlight to avoid streaking, and you may want to invest in a squeegee for the absolute best results.

Wipe down electronics.

The sleek, shiny look of our household devices can make it easy to forget just how much dust, dirt, and general germiness are clinging to their surfaces. Use compressed air to blow the dust out of tough-to-reach spots like keyboards and computer crevices, then go over with a cotton swab covered in disinfectant. Big screens like TVs and computer screens are simple enough to wipe off, but pay special attention to things we touch all the time like phones, keyboards, and remotes.

Clean out your fridge, and the freezer.

Hopefully you’ve already got a sticky friend to help keep funky fridge odors at bay, but you should still take the time to pull everything out and give her a good top to bottom wipedown every once in a while. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to check for expired items and re-organize what’s left behind. Want to take it a step further? Unplug that bad boy and let the freezer defrost completely, wipe down the rubber door seals with warm soapy water and disinfectant, and use a vacuum attachment to get up underneath.