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6 Tips for Making Your Bedroom a Haven of Tranquility

6 Tips for Making Your Bedroom a Haven of Tranquility

Do you walk into your bedroom thinking about your stressful, energy-sapping work deliverables, or does the sight of your bedroom immediately transport you to a soothing state of uninterrupted bliss?

For most Americans, the thought of relaxation after a long workday is more of an out-of-reach dream than an actual possibility. Studies show that 80 percent of workers feel stress on their job. On top of this, many miss out on valuable shuteye as they try to perform work chores in the bed (guys, seriously, your bed should only be for sleeping). Despite repeated studies showing the negative effects of sleep deprivation, research released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that more than a third of adults are not getting enough sleep.

Are you ready to ignite your “off switch” and rejuvenate? The perfect solution can be found in six simple bedroom enhancements that will transform your space into a haven of tranquility.


unmade bedClear The Clutter

Your brain is moving a million miles a minute, and looking at the scattered papers, clothes halfway out of the drawers, and unfolded bed sheets only speeds up the chaotic thoughts in your mind. Clearing your bedroom clutter with the use of storage bins, shelf additions, and elevated bed space can actually help you reduce stress and promote relaxation.


woman with headphonesEliminate the Electronics

Those noisy, blue light-emitting devices are causing you to miss out on some peaceful slumber because they prevent your body from producing the melatonin needed to realize that it’s nighttime.  So if you want to stop tossing and turning, remove the TVs, tablets, and other electronic distractions from your bedroom. (Sorry, no more smartphones under the pillow.)

Invest in a High Quality Mattress

Don’t let your strategically calculated budget lead you to keeping a run-down mattress for over 10 years. Waking up with a crick in your neck probably won’t give you the rejuvenating feeling that you’re aiming for. Go “test drive” mattresses to determine what provides the most comfort. A quality lump-free mattress can be the difference between viewing your bedroom as a cozy sacred space for meditation and feeling like you’re in a stressful space that you desperately want to escape.

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Indulge Your Senses with Sleep-Enhancing Scents

If you’re trying to prepare for a good nights sleep, just add a lavender-filled scent – think candles or essential oil diffusers – and you’ll be sleeping like a baby in no time. Lavender scents are known to quell anxiety and prepare you for sleep by slowing down your nervous system and reducing your heart rate. If you’re not a huge fan of lavender, you can also try bergamot oil, sandalwood, and marjoram – these scents all have the same warm, soothing effects that relax your body.

Choose Colors that Promote Comfort

If you’re ready to unwind, don’t rely on an overly stimulating red wall or bright-colored furnishings to suppress your brain’s hyperactive battery. Aim for earth tones and warm hues that will lead the mind to rest.  If you want a pop of color, green is believed to have a calming effect that relieves stress and promotes comfort.

Nurture Your Space with Nature’s Beauty

Plants, flowers, and stones are all reminders of earth’s natural richness that surrounds us all. When you’re watching a flower bloom on your nightstand, it’s hard to be fuming with rage thinking about harsh comments you heard the other day. Anything with an element of nature within it can add a touch of mysticism to your bedroom that will allow you to maximize the zen feeling that you would experience during an outdoor yoga retreat.

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