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6 Tips for De-Stressing During the Holidays

6 Tips for De-Stressing During the Holidays

Even though it’s the “most wonderful time of the year,” the holidays can be especially stressful, what with all the party-going, hosting, and various social and familial expectations. It’s easy to get caught up in it all and seriously stressed out, so here are a few ways to sit back and relax while the cat tears apart the tree in the living room.

Take a nutritional approach.

With all that wintry weather about, your immune system probably isn’t at its high point even before the montage of super unhealthy eating, lots of sugary holiday drinks, and hours spent lazing about on the couch. Make sure your nutrients are up to snuff and prepared to keep you calm instead of cranky; supplements like Wellpath ZEN will keep all the good stuff circulating in your system so you can stay stress-free.

Get yourself a weighted blanket.

You’ll likely be hugging a lot of people this holiday season, but they might not all be so enjoyable. Give yourself a hug instead (with no “so what are you up to?” conversation strings attached) with a weighted blanket, which also happens to be the perfect Lifetime or Hallmark holiday movie marathon-watching partner.

Have a mini spa session.

Give yourself some pampering so you can look and feel your best. During stressful times, #MaskMonday is appropriate for any (or every) day of the week. Pick up something super hydrating to protect against the winter windburn, and soak up a little me time. Even if you can’t quite escape from the crowd, masking can be a perfect activity for forced family fun!

Tap into some aromatherapy.

Take a looooong shower, and use the power of at-home aromatherapy to calm your nerves that your mother-in-law has been dancing on all day and melt away your stress. We also recommend low light and mood music for the ultimate I’m-in-a-bubble-you-can’t-pop experience.

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Take an essential oil-infused bath.

Use the power of portable essential oils to literally take in a breath of calm whenever you need without having to pump them into the whole room while grandma complains about the smoke machine (read: essential oil diffuser) in the corner. Wish you could disappear into the wilderness of snow-capped mountains for just a few moments? Go ahead, just breathe it in.

Get onboard that CBD train.

Jump on the cannabinoid wagon without getting in trouble with the relatives with Lord Jones CBD Oil, and let the good times roll. Bonus: it’ll get you to calm down when Uncle Joe starts yelling about politics without encouraging you to join the screaming match (looking at you, three glasses of whiskey).

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