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6 Snack Swaps for Sunday Night Football

6 Snack Swaps for Sunday Night Football

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Once football season starts, it’s a given that the incessant snacking on chips, dips, and other greasy eats starts right along with it. But there’s no reason that a Sunday night spent huddled around the big screen with your friends has to be a total lost cause when it comes to your plate.

1. Skip Chips and Dip for Veggies and Guacamole


Any snack spread would be incomplete without a bowl of chips and some dip to accompany it. But some of the go-to options – think creamy picks like queso and spinach-artichoke dip – are a major no-no when you’re trying to eat clean. Add chips to the mix, and you’ve got a seriously unhealthy snack on your hands. Swap out the chips for veggies like carrots and celery, and your favorite dip for guac, which is just as creamy and indulgent as some of your faves but makes for a healthy upgrade thanks to nutritious avocado.

Try this guacamole recipe from Love Maegan.

2. Skip Buffalo Wings for Cauliflower Wings


They might be one of the messiest foods on football night, but buffalo wings are also easily the most loved. To make a healthier swap without missing your wings too much, try some baked cauliflower wings instead. This snack gives you a hefty serving of veggies right along with the hot buffalo flavor you’re crazy about. What it doesn’t come with? All the calories and carbs of the spicy staple.

Try this cauliflower wings recipe from POPSUGAR Fitness.


3. Skip Pretzels for Popcorn


Pretzels aren’t the unhealthiest of snacks as far as the range of options goes, but their (super) high sodium content is still reason enough to swap them out if you can. Try replacing pretzels with popcorn for a snack that has all (okay, not all, but some) of the crunch but comes with the added benefit of being a lot lighter. Not to mention, popcorn lends itself to a wide range of flavor options, so you can totally trick your popcorn out for an added flavor kick.

Try this lemon, parmesan, and pepper popcorn recipe from Cookie and Kate.


4. Skip French Fries for Baked Zucchini Fries


The idea of replacing French fries with an alternative like sweet potato fries is enough of a transition, so going even further and cutting the potato out of the equation altogether to work in some greens is pretty major. Even so, baked zucchini fries are a surprisingly satisfying, but much-lower-in-oil substitute for traditional fries, especially with the right dipping sauce on the side (a little bit of marinara makes for the perfect pairing).

Try this zucchini fries recipe from Damn Delicious.

5. Skip Soda for Fruit Infused Sparkling Water


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Can’t seem to make it through a game without grabbing a can of Coke? Get all of the fizz you love from soda by swapping it out for sparkling water, which you can infuse with fruits and natural fruit juice for a bit of flavor and tang.

Try this strawberry, lime, cucumber, and mint-infused water from Back to Her Roots.


6. Skip Brownies for Chocolate-Covered Strawberries


When you’re craving chocolate, few things are going to satisfy you except for, well, chocolate. Instead of cutting the cocoa altogether, just change up how it appears on your plate. Skip the gooey brownies (we know, easier said than done) and get your chocolate fix with some dark chocolate-dipped strawberries instead. Going for a higher percentage of cocoa will make for a more nutritious treat, as will adding some healthy fruit to the mix.

Try this chocolate-covered strawberry recipe from Skinny Ms.


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