6 of the Best Products to Keep Your Mind at the Top of Its Game

Sharp attention and intense discipline are the tools required to maintain strong focus, but sometimes we could use a little help getting to them. These six products make it easier to zero in on the task at hand and even improve your focus over time, so that all those distractions sabotaging your productivity can be swept away with the wind.

posture trainer

Upright GO Posture Trainer, $80

All the screens that fill our modern lives are constantly inviting us to hunch over and lean into the blue light, but poor posture is bad for our necks and our attention spans. The Upright GO Posture Trainer is a sleek, minimalist device that snuggles up against your spine and gives a polite buzz when you slouch or slump, reminding you to straighten up and bringing your attention and awareness back to your posture, restoring proper blood flow and allowing your brain to fire on all cylinders.

fidget cube

Helect Fidget Cube$10

Before fidget spinners took over the world, the fidget cube was already helping those with restless hands control their anxious urges. With six different sides to interact with, users can click, roll, spin, flip, glide, and breathe their way to calm. The fidget cube isn’t quite as conducive to tricks and Youtube channels, but that’s probably a good thing.

WellPath MIND

WellPath MIND, Reveal Special Price

Although crashing through cups of coffee may seem like the best way to stay awake, overdosing on caffeine won’t actually help you pay more attention to that report that’s due by EOD. WellPath MIND combines a comfortable dose of caffeine with potent ingredients like Lion’s Mane, L-Theanine, and Gingko Biloba to help you cut through the brain fog and accomplish everything on your to-do list.


Muse Brain-Sensing Headband$199

Meditation is a powerful tool when it comes to cerebral discipline, but controlling your thoughts can sometimes be a wild ride. Muse uses EEG technology to convey your brain activity in real time using corresponding weather sounds, so that you’re aware of your success levels while you’re meditating. The streamlined, futuristic design is unobtrusive and easy to use, making high-quality meditation practice accessible anywhere.


“The Pomodoro Technique” by Francesco Cirillo$13

The Pomodoro Technique is already famous around the world for helping the distracted among us get more done by dividing focus time into intervals and spreading out the mini-breaks that help your brain reset. Although you can technically use the technique with any sort of basic timer, apps like Be Focused let you assign timed intervals, track how many ‘pomodoros‘ you’ve completed, and can live on your devices to keep you from manually resetting a physical timer ever 20 minutes or so. Plus, isn’t it just pretty?

Kneeling chair

DRAGONN Ergonomic Kneeling Chair$130

If you’re really ready to invest in your attention and don’t mind a few odd stares in the office space, pick up a kneeling chair. The seat is angled forward to keep your posture in check while the knee rests help you balance without performing pilates all day, allowing you to maintain focus, proper posture, and comfort all at once.