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6 Odd Skincare Hacks That Will Have Your Skin Looking Great

6 Odd Skincare Hacks That Will Have Your Skin Looking Great

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From blends of “acne-eliminating” acids and scrubs to “miracle” masks, the products that line the skincare aisle of your local drugstore are less than intimidating. When your complicated skincare routine isn’t cutting it, we recommend ditching your “holy-grail” products and embracing a few old-school, tried-and-true blemish erasing hacks. Whether you need to pop that pesky pimple before a major event, or instantly eliminate the appearance of tired eyes, we’ve got you covered with six simple tricks that won’t require a trip to your dermatologist. You’re just a few steps away from your best glow yet.

Check your kitchen cupboard for a good makeup remover.

Stop relying on an oil-based makeup remover to tug away traces of clumpy, carbon-black mascara and liner. Instead, ditch this weak solution for a nature-made, fruity oil guaranteed to instantly swipe away your eyeshadow. From sautéing veggies to strengthening seriously weak strands, we just discovered a new purpose for coconut oil, which we’re sure was already something of a favorite in your kitchen.

Skip the facial with a muslin face cloth.

Instead of breaking the bank with a pricey facial, grab a hold of the forgotten facial cloth that is gentle on your face and wallet. Carefully saturate your muslin cloth in warm water, wring out the extra liquid, and place the steamy fabric on your face. Repeat three times, and we promise your clogged pores will thank you.

Caffeinate and depuff your eyes, all in one.

Cakey concealer is not key to covering a pair of sleep-deprived eyes. To naturally erase the appearance of dark circles, brew up a piping mug of black or green tea. If you prefer your tea iced, you’re in for a treat! As you sip on your a.m. cup of tea, tuck your steeped and drained tea bags in the fridge to cool. When they’re icy to the touch, place them on your lids for fifteen minutes to experience a tightening and cooling sensation.

Exfoliating never sounded so sweet.

If you have a major sweet tooth, it’s time to put your sugar obsession to good use. Scrubbing away a layer of dead skin doesn’t require a collection of overpriced exfoliators. Instead, grab a mason jar and pile together your own personal blend of brown sugar and coconut oil.

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Zap your zit away with salt.

When you run out of zit cream, don’t get salty. Or rather, do get salty. Simply salt away your bothersome blemish with a combination of bacteria-eliminating sea salt and warm water. You can say goodbye to a “bland” complexion and hello to clear skin with this inexpensive seasoning.

When life gives you lemons, make a face mask.

Chock full of vitamin C, lemons have the power to instantly improve the appearance of dull skin, especially when combined with other beneficial ingredients like honey. Instead of directly applying the harsh, acidic liquid to your sensitive skin, create a custom, thick blend of skin-brightening honey and lemon, and apply that onto your skin like you would any mask.  

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