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6 Expert-Approved Tips for Staying Healthy While Traveling

6 Expert-Approved Tips for Staying Healthy While Traveling

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Taking a trip is sometimes just what the doctor ordered. But when your vacation starts getting in the way of your healthy lifestyle instead of adding to it, the little break becomes a hindrance rather than a help. To make sure that you stay on top of your health while traveling, we’ve rounded up some tips from health pros and travel aficionados on keeping your healthy routine on track, even when that track is taking you across the globe.

Make sure to hydrate.

“Always have a large bottle of water on hand and sip regularly. Fill up your empty bottle after passing security and stay hydrated throughout the trip. Always carry it with you wherever you go; save money on constantly buying bottled water as well as the environment.”

Carolyn Scott-Hamilton, holistic nutritionist, vegan chef, host of The Healthy Voyager travel show and travel expert on Hallmark’s Home & Family

Make time for meditation.

“We are usually in constant motion while traveling, seeing all of the sights, or planning for our next location. Meditation helps us pause, reflect, and recognize the importance of the present moment. Begin by going somewhere relatively quiet. This could be hard to find but maybe it’s a place on the beach away from your friends, or just before you hop in the shower. Close your eyes and focus on each breath as it moves throughout your body. You can count each breath up to ten and then start over, or you can use a mantra for each inhale and exhale. For example, after a particularly stressful travel day, I repeated calmly for each inhale and every exhale I imagined releasing the stress.”

Katie Minahan, former athletic trainer and travel blogger behind Just Chasing Sunset

Get a massage.

“Get a massage — relieving stress is one of the best ways to stay healthy while traveling. Though it may not seem like the best idea to get a massage at an airport or in an unfamiliar foreign country, these types of services follow strict public health guidelines. It’s a personal choice, of course, but often the stress relief from an excellent massage might even do more to keep you healthy.”

Medical Operations team at travel risk and crisis management firm Global Rescue

Get some sleep.

“It’s easy to want to use every hour in the day to do as much on vacation as you possibly can, but make sure you get that rest in there also! Being sleep deprived on vacation can lead you to return with more stress and fatigue than before you left, which kind of defeats the purpose of vacation. While you’re away from all of your usual daily responsibilities, take some time to feel rested and get adequate sleep.”

Rachel Gersten, therapist and health coach

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Pack your favorite healthy snacks.

“If you are following a particular diet, it may be wise to bring some foods with you. When we travel we bring almond butter, mixed nuts, homemade protein bars, and protein powder. This way, we can maintain a few key items from our regular diet.”

Alex Robles, MD and health and fitness blog White Coat Trainer

Come back early.

“Sometimes, when we come back from a vacation, we need a vacation. We feel we are behind at work, not organized, and have jet lag. Instead, come back from your vacation a couple days before you have to go back to work. This allows you to get over your jet lag, do the laundry, create your schedule for the week ahead and get pumped for getting back into the swing of things.”

– Dr. Jaime Kulaga, life coach, motivational speaker, and author

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