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6 Activewear Staples You Need in Your Closet

6 Activewear Staples You Need in Your Closet


Getting the most out of your workout starts with dressing to get the most out of your workout. More often than not, that means ditching unnecessary hardware and elaborate designs for pieces that are simple and built first and foremost with your workout in mind. Here are some of the key activewear picks – for the guys and the girls – that are sure to upgrade your workouts from here on out.



1. Foundation Shorts


If you think that a pair of shorts is, well, just a pair of shorts, then you haven’t seen this pair of shorts. Equipped with an anti-odor performance merino liner, a zip-up pocket for your media, and laser-cut vents along the sides of the shorts to increase airflow and keep you from getting too hot during your workout. If that’s not enough to have you sold on this staple, then the sleek-but-simple tailored look should do the trick.

Ten Thousand, $62

2. Clear V-Neck Jersey


With the comfort and look of a basic tee, this jersey is anything but. Japanese cotton yarn is spun super tightly to give this relaxed tee an extra smooth texture and denser feel than is usual for your average basic t-shirt, while a wide range of rich, chic colors – there are choices like “fig,” “reed,” and “carbon pigment” – make it easy to find one (or, more likely, several) to suit your taste.

James Perse, $90

3. Huron Hoodie



Whether or not you would consider yourself a yogi in any capacity, it’s not hard to fall in love with the pieces created by YOGASMOGA, a company that takes pride in its efforts to make gear that is essentially infused with the principles and spirit of yoga. With the YOGASMOGA Huron Hoodie, this is realized with the help of a “pocket” of air built into the hoodie between two layers of fabric. This gives the sleek pullover a bit of a lightness that the brand assures will keep you “cool, calm, and collected.”


4. Women’s Vintage Gym Shorts


When it comes to working out, sometimes sticking to the classics is the key to comfort and success. Nike’s Vintage Gym Shorts make for the perfect example of this fact, offering ladies retro style with all the function necessary in a pair of running bottoms, from a lightweight cotton fabric to an elastic waistband that make comfort the main focus. Basic hues like black and gray are joined by brighter options like teal and purple to further add to the throwback feel of the shorts, which are just as wearable on the track as they are off it.

Nike, $35

5. “Blah Blah Blah” Tank


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Nobody is a complete stranger to lazy days when it seems like there are about a zillion, give or take, reasons as to why they just can’t squeeze in a workout. But when those (hopefully rare) days hit, it helps to have some gear that talks you out of your slump and gets you back on track. Our favorite? WellPath’s own “snap out of it” tank that reads, “Blah, Blah, Blah – Go Workout.” Because no matter how many excuses you can think of not to workout, you should probably just do it anyway.

WellPath, $28

6. Zero Gravity Leggings


You can never really have too many workout leggings, but with Sweaty Betty’s signature running tights equipped with zero gravity technology, you might find yourself never wanting for another pair again. With a firm, lightweight, sweat-wicking fabric that all at once smooths and sculpts to give you a killer silhouette, these leggings are also perfect for keeping you comfortable throughout your entire workout thanks to features like mesh knee panels that offer breathability.

Sweaty Betty, $135


Now that you’re properly equipped for training, it’s time to gear up for proper nutrition. Get all of the tools you need with one simple solution. Start by taking WellPath’s free consultation here.

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