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5 Ways to Use Aromatherapy in the Shower

5 Ways to Use Aromatherapy in the Shower

Because we know just how much different smells can affect your memory and mood, it’s important to bring that knowledge into what can be one of the most soothing, relaxing parts of your daily routine: shower time.

The shower is a place for deep thoughts, deep cleaning, and if you’re lucky, a deep soaker tub. It’s also where we release sore muscles with hot water and dissolve emotional headaches with very loud singing and even more careful dancing. Your shower should be your safe haven, and we like to think everyone’s safe haven should have a warm, welcoming smell to it, too. Enhance that cherished unwinding time with these extra special tips for keeping the good smells pouring in.

eucalyptus leaves shower
One Good Thing

Go Green

While you should already be sharing your shower space with a few friendly plants, there’s one in particular that can really stink up the place, in the best way: eucalyptus. Grab a few sprigs of the Koala’s favorite food, tie it up with some twine, and attach to your shower head so it hangs below the water flow. The steam from your shower will release the natural oils in the leaves, flooding your senses with spa-like calmness, and maybe even helping you breathe a bit easier.

vapor rub shower steamer
Moments With Mandi

Shower Steamers
Speaking of clearing up congestion, these DIY vapor rub steamers will unclog your cold symptoms from the shower floor. Combine some Vick’s VapoRub with a little corn starch and soap colorant, stick the mixture in the freezer, then just pop a pod into the shower whenever your passages feel a bit plugged. We’re sniffing better already.

lush solid bath oils
LUSH Cosmetics

Bath Oils
If you are lucky enough to be the proud owner of aforementioned bath tub, may I welcome you to the wide, wonderful world of the bath oil, the superior successor to the bubble bath. LUSH has a wide selection of adorable oils in solid form, so they’re easy to travel with and are less messy than liquid varieties can be. Plus, you don’t have to worry about pouring in too much like you did with the dishwasher that one time. Whether you’re seeking super soft skin, a little bit of glitter, or something to help you drift off into dreamland, LUSH has you covered.

coffee body scrub

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Man holding his knee while it's wrapped up

Buy With Your Nose
Invest in grooming products with smells that you LOVE and you’ll look forward to shower time even more. Maybe you want the warm, comforting scent of orange blossom and neroli found in Glossier’s luxurious Body Hero Daily Oil Wash. Perhaps you prefer the exotic notes of Argan oil found in Moroccan Oil hair products. Frankly, you might just prefer the distinctive morning cup of joe vibes from FRANK coffee scrubs. Follow your nose wherever it goes: it knows best!

bathtub candles

Go Old Fashioned
Candles are never out of style, but there are a few trendy new brands that we love for their incredible scents and affordable price points. Otherland and Skandinavisk both make beautiful and fabulous-smelling products that look great in any part of your home. For the bathroom, go for the leafy foliage lean of Canopy or the clean, crisp smells of Øy, which translates to ‘island’ from Norwegian.

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