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5 Ways to Keep Well During Fashion Week

5 Ways to Keep Well During Fashion Week

The Spring Collections are particularly lovely since they always fall during the beautiful days of early September.  The schedule that was once just a few days has stretched to nearly nine and all are jam-packed with lunches, dinners, and parties, not to mention the need to keep up with your regular work responsibilities.  While the inspiration and creativity is endless, so is the need to keep up your energy.

Here are a few of my unprofessional tips for Fashion and ALL Professionals to stay well during our busiest times of year:

1. Fuel up

It can be easy to forget to fuel your body with food when running from venue to venue. It’s not rocket science, I feel best when I eat fresh and (mostly) clean. Skipping breakfast is one of my worst habits, but I don’t last long during Fashion Week without something with protein to start the day!   These are a few of my favorite places to grab something on the go when my fridge is particularly empty:

In addition to eating nutrient-dense food to keep up your energy, I cannot stress the importance of hydrating enough!  Always have a bottle of water with you.

**note, I also believe your soul needs fuel too and that can be achieved with a small sweet treat.  

For those moments, I highly recommend Sweet Revenge.

2.  See People

Packed schedules can mean little time for human interaction which is a crucial component of mental health and also a surprisingly quick way to recharge. Because Fashion Week brings the industry to one place, it’s the perfect time to catch up with colleagues and laugh!  Taking 30 minutes every day to chat over coffee, or walking from point A to B together can make all the difference. Schedule it early, put it in your calendar, and then do it! No matter what!  

Seeing people who make you smile will improve your mood and help you be better at your job. 

3.  Go to the parties and have fun, but not too many.

See Also

Fashion Week hosts some of the best parties of the year. The venue, DJ, and (often open) bar, tend to be the best in the city so you should balance all the work with a little play and take advantage!  Enjoy yourself and see friends (see above) but don’t go to all of them. Long days + late nights = little sleep which has a lasting affect on the body.  It deprives you of your ability to retain information and act as the best version of yourself at this critical time.  Also, when you’re enjoying all those gratis glasses of bubbly, be sure to alternate each one with some water.  

You’ll thank me in the morning! 

4.  Stay inspired with open eyes

Going full steam ahead can lead to “forget to appreciate” syndrome. It can be easy to get caught up in the difficult logistics of getting from point A to B or distracted by the growing number on your inbox counter. Take beautiful pictures but don’t get too caught up in posting the perfect one to social media right away! Relax and enjoy the hard work of the designers.  Make connections and chat with the interesting people around you!  Instagram will be waiting for you after the show and you’ll probably have greater insight into what truly inspired you. 

5.  Take care of your body (and mind)

Even though Fashion Week is the time to show of your style, it’s important to remember that you will probably end up doing your fair share of walking so sky-high heels are a no-no.  Also, dress in layers so after your photo is snapped, you can give into the 90 degree reality and peel that blazer off!  

Despite a packed schedule, try and find time to fit in a good workout.  Not only will it increase your energy but it will get the endorphins flowing and help you feel your best.  Last but not least, be sure to make sure you’ve got some essentials in your bag such as band aids and pain killer.  

After all, it’s a jungle out there!

About Sarah Slutsky

Sarah currently serves as the Director of Brands and Partnerships at Cinematique, heading up strategic relationships with brands, and helping them to maximize their video initiative through Touchable Video technology.  In addition, Sarah is a stylist responsible for dressing red carpet “best-dressed” list frequenters.  You can have a peak into her fashionable life on Instagram @sarahslutsky.  

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