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5 Surprising Facts About Yoga

5 Surprising Facts About Yoga

We all know that yoga adds countless benefits for both the mind and body. There’s the obvious relaxing and lengthening avails, not to mention the perks of achieving the requisite “yoga butt”.  However, there are many other health benefits to getting your “om” on than the yoga novice may know. Below we’ve included our top five:


1. Improves Digestion

You may love yoga for the way you feel after you sweat out a week’s worth of toxins, but did you know that a good day on the mat can also help benefit your digestive system? The many different postures and fluid movements you achieve during yoga have been found to help keep food moving through your system and massage your inner organs.

2. Remedy For Stress and Anxiety

I’m sure you’ve heard it a thousand times from your workout guru best friend, but she’s right: a good workout can really improve your mood. This is especially true for yoga. A study published by Harvard Medical School, brings scientific fact to this belief. The study says that yoga’s use of meditative elements and breath control can balance stress response systems, allowing you to acquire better control over your mood and cortisol (the stress releasing hormone).

3. Fights food cravings

Another surprising (and awesome) thing about yoga is that studies have shown it can help you to fight food cravings. Unlike other workouts, a steady yoga regimen strengthens the mind’s relationship to the body, which can lead to heightened breath awareness as well as more mindful eating.

4. Makes You Stronger

Next time you are trying to convince your boyfriend to come to a yoga class with you, try using this fact as a compelling reason. Yoga makes you stronger. There are two main ways it achieves this: increasing both physical strength and flexibility. The physical strength you gain through yoga stems from using the weight of your body instead of physical weights. In particular, standing poses (such as the warrior I, II, and III) strengthen your core and target infrequently used muscles. In addition, these postures increase flexibility, which ultimately boosts your over strength by giving you control over the relaxation and contraction of various muscles and tendons.

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5. Used to Treat Insomnia

If you’ve ever spent a few seconds in Shavasana (known by many as corpse pose) you won’t be shocked to hear that yoga can stimulate a feeling of peaceful rest. But studies have shown that yoga can have long lasting restful effects on even the most chronic of insomniacs including cancer survivors and women going through menopause. This is especially true for all of us urban dwellers- of all ages, genders, shapes and sizes- feeling the universal epidemic of burnout as we relentlessly pursue “traditional measures of success”- money and power and in the process, lose the ability to easily fall into a deep sleep. 

Now that you’re convinced on the value of yoga don’t neglect to incorporate proper nutrition into your routine. WellPath will customize nutrition solutions for you using our proprietary technology. Get started now with our free consultation.  

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