5 Strange Things That Happen When You Workout More

Man sitting on floor and stretching

There are a few things that you expect to happen when you start working out, like getting that toned core you’ve always wanted, or finally hitting your goal weight. But there are a few other things – more bizarre things – that tend to go hand in hand with more frequent gym visits and exercise sessions. (Think less along the lines of building muscle and more along the lines of itchy legs.) These are a few of the stranger things that you might experience along with your new and improved fitness routine, and why they might be popping up alongside your healthy workout regimen.

You’re nose will get runny.

If you’re nose starts running soon after you do, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re coming down with a cold. In fact, it’s probably just linked to what’s called exercise-induced rhinitis (EIR), which is basically an infection in your nasal cavity that’s usually tied to things like a runny nose, congestion, and sneezing. While this could be tied to allergies – you’re breathing faster and deeper when you’re exercises, which increases your susceptibility to an allergic reaction – other cases of EIR could just be linked to irritants or emotional factors.

You’ll have the urge to go #2.

While this is more of a side effect for avid runners than anyone else, being super active could increase your need to use the bathroom. This is because working out tends to get a lot of systems in your body in motion, and that includes speeding up your digestive system. All of that exercise might also be reducing the blood flow to your intestines. All of that combined ultimately contributes to a (very, very unfortunate) case of the runs.

You’ll have better skin.

Always a welcome benefit, clear skin tends to accompany an active workout regimen in most cases. This is because when you’re regularly working up a sweat, you end up increasing the blood flow to your face, which contributes to a healthier looking complexion. The increased sweat also helps get rid of dirt in your pores or on the surface of your skin, and helps rid your face of toxins that might be keeping it from looking its best.

You’ll lose your appetite.

Even though a harder workout means you’re burning more calories and could thus benefit from eating more calories to refuel, the science shows that serious sweat sessions actually contribute to a reduced appetite. That in turn means that you’ll need to pay attention to make sure that you’re adequately fueling your body in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

You’ll be more creative.

Can’t seem to drag yourself to the gym in the morning? Squeezing in a workout before work might be your best bet to boosting your productivity at work, especially if you work in a creative field. Studies have shown that exercise can get your creative juices flowing more effectively for up to two hours after a workout, meaning that an a.m. sweat session is likely to pay off a little more than one you work in right before calling it a day. (But of course, a workout anytime of the day is better than no workout at all!)