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5 Scrappy Ways to Make Some Extra Cash

5 Scrappy Ways to Make Some Extra Cash

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One source of income? In this economy?

We could all use a little extra $$$ now and then, and thanks to the gig economy, we have more options than ever before to pull in those extra bucks. Here are some ideas to help you pad your wallet without sacrificing your sanity.

Sell off some extraneous clothing.

If Marie Kondo hasn’t gotten to you yet, it’s only a matter of (well-organized) time. Apps like Poshmark and Depop are great ways to get some cash for your pre-loved garments, and for that skirt that you paid too much for but forgot to return within 30 days. If you aren’t keen on committing time to photography and shipping, Thredup will send you a bag to fill free of charge, and do all the work or re-selling for you.

Try out TaskRabbit.

Are you particularly handy with an Ikea manual? Or happen to have a roomy pickup truck lying around? Picking up some random jobs here and there on TaskRabbit – jobs like helping your neighbors hang up their new light fixtures, move some boxes, and piece together a new armoire – is a great way to earn some money outside of your regular 9-5 (and maybe put some of your underutilized skills to good use).

Take a walk.

With someone else’s dog, that is. Apps like Wag make it easy to pick up a few dollars for picking up someone else’s pooch (and probably their poop, too) when you’ve got some extra time. Plus, dog walking is good for your health, even if it’s not your dog.

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Sit on someone’s baby.

It’s not just for high school girls or full-time nannies – babysitting is a flexible, often high-paying way to add some serious cents to your bank account. If you like kids, it’s a great way to spend some time with a few that aren’t you own and even enjoy a little stress-relieving dose of getting in touch with your own inner child as you entertain them. Of course, if you don’t, maybe stick with the dogs (see above).

Setting yourself free(lance).

If you happen to have a skill that translates well to project-based, time-flexible work (writing, editing, photography, graphic design, illustration, art, calligraphy, and a million more), building up a freelance business on the side is a great way to start growing a business that gives you more creative and financial freedom, but on terms you get to set. Don’t really know where to start to get your first jobs? Try something like Upwork to make some connections and jumpstart your freelance side hustle.

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