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5 Reasons to Clear Your Calendar This Month and Go on a Social Hiatus

5 Reasons to Clear Your Calendar This Month and Go on a Social Hiatus

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After all the hullaballoo of the busy holiday season, we’re feeling pretty burnt out on socializing and celebration. Although 365 days is an arbitrary measurement, the mental motivation to hit reset during the first months of a new year is as good a reason as any to take full advantage of the opportunity. So since you just spent a ridiculous amount of days partying with friends, family, and a lot of people you don’t know, here are five reasons to shut out the world (at least partially) this month, and go on a social hiatus.

You and your body need to rest and reset.

Even if you didn’t spend hours in a plane, train, or automobile to see family far and wide, no doubt you’re still wiped from late-night New Year’s celebrations and long days spent laid out on the couch going back for more snacks every thirty minutes. Your body will appreciate some time to recover, so instead of diving headfirst into that bar crawl Friday night that you KNOW will leave you hungover and miserable on Saturday, make plans to stay in instead and catch up on all the end-of-year podcast episodes you missed. Your physical and mental energy stores need time to recharge and revamp.

It’s the perfect time to set goals and intentions for the new year – and actually put effort into getting them done.

Even though we’re opting for intentions over resolutions this year [ADD LINK], we still think the beginning of the year is a great time to take a step back, evaluate your life, and make plans for where you want to go and what you want to accomplish in the coming year. January is the month to focus on yourself and your goals, and then put in work to accomplish them without being distracted by a bursting social calendar.

Your home desperately needs a deep clean.

Don’t wait for spring cleaning, take a cue from the January Cure and scrub the baseboards so you can enter the new year with a glistening, organized, Instagrammable home base. As it turns out, all that clutter is making you super stressed and keeping you from being your most productive, life-loving self.

Thankfully Netflix has swooped in just in time with tidying-up champion Marie Kondo to inspire you to clean out your closet, spark some joy, and possibly cry watching a home makeover show. October you will be so grateful to January you for starting out on the right (and tidy) foot.

Dry January is a great excuse to stay in and flex that side hustle muscle.

Millennials are killing alcohol, haven’t you heard? We’re not saying you have to go cold turkey, but dry January has some proven benefits like weight loss, increased cash on hand, and lower alcohol intake over time.

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So while you’re taking a month off of booze, and as a result, being hungover, use those extra hours to put some blood, sweat, and tears into the side project you’ve been wanting to get off the ground forever, or taking some classes that you’ve been somedaying for years. A distraction-free social schedule leaves plenty of room for hard work that can bring big rewards.

There’s so much good television coming out, you don’t even need to leave the couch!

With shows like Broad City, True Detective, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Grace & Frankie all dropping new seasons in the first month of the year, you certainly won’t get bored spending quiet nights in at home with the gravity blanket you got from your auntie last month. Let your mind escape to worlds (and social circles) far away from your own; you can come back to the real world in February.

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