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5 Reasons Having a Pet Will Make You Feel Less Lonely

5 Reasons Having a Pet Will Make You Feel Less Lonely

Loneliness is a growing epidemic across the globe, and only seems to be getting worse with the advancements of technology and modern life. Young people especially report feeling lonelier than generations before them, but keeping a fluffy (or scaly or feathery) friend around might just change that. Here are five reasons that bringing an animal friend into your home can make you feel less lonely.

They keep you engaged…

It can be easy to drift off into listlessness when we’re spending lots of time on our own, but having a pet around keeps you aware of the animal’s needs on an hour-to-hour basis. Plus, non-human creatures aren’t usually as aware of the passing of time, and they’ll bring you right into the present moment with them.

… and entertained.

There’s a reason the internet is filled with silly pet videos – that reason being that animals are hilarious, usually when they aren’t trying to be. These little guys have big personalities, and their goofing about is enough to make anyone giggle on a bad day.

They give you more reasons to socialize.

Pet owners love to talk about their animal friends, and often to each other. Finding the best food, training methods, toys, and anything else your furry (or not) friend needs can involve talking to lots of other like-minded owners who only want the best for their creature counterparts. Taking a pet out in public for a walk or just companionship at a park or restaurant usually involves a few strangers stopping to say hello, leading to even more social situations.

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Just think of the cuddles.

Social touching and hugging is good for our brains, and spending time loving on our furry friends can have similar effects. As super social creatures, showing affection to anything makes us feel more connected, and that feeling is amplified when we get some love back in return.

They depend on you.

You’re the one in charge of making sure they’re safe, sound, and happy, and they rely on you every day to take care of them. No matter how low maintenance the animal, they will need to be cared for in terms of food and shelter at the minimum. Being responsible for the wellbeing of a living creature keeps us aware and paying attention to someone else’s needs, and often encourages us to do extra activities like taking a walk or playing with a new toy.

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