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5 Pieces of Strange Fitness Advice That Actually Work

5 Pieces of Strange Fitness Advice That Actually Work


Hold onto the elliptical. While we’ve all heard the occasional piece of fitness advice that we feel the need to take with a grain of salt (no, sweating more doesn’t necessarily mean that you burned more calories), there are some odd pieces of information and advice out there that, despite sounding really strange, are really pretty effective.  Check out these five pieces of fitness advice that actually work!

Try different types of recovery drinks.

Recovery drinks come in all flavors and sizes – and not just the ones you see with the big labels in the grocery stores.

While you’ve been focusing on the beverages that are marketed as recovery drinks, the truth is that drinks  such as chocolate milk and pickle juice may be just what you need to recover after an intense workout. Chocolate milk contains protein, calcium, and antioxidants that speed up the recovery process, while pickle juice contains a good amount of sodium that can help reduce cramping and help your muscles recover from the sodium loss your body experiences after a sweaty workout.

Add a dash of salt to your shoes.

Going for a run in the morning? Get your shoes ready with some salt tonight. It sounds strange, but salt is an effective way to pull out sweat and odor in your shoes. All it takes is a little evening preparation: sprinkle some salt into your shoes at night and shake it out in the morning.

Be bold with your workout.

Nothing says bold quite like the color red. It’s intense, powerful, and relentless in it’s own way. Whenever you see the color red, you can’t help but create a level of energy that makes anything possible (even conquering 20 burpees in a row). So when you’re heading to the gym, grab a bright red outfit to keep you energized throughout your workout. If you’re burning calories at home, working out in an area surrounded by red walls or décor may help you achieve your next workout victory.

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Test drive your shoes with a twist.

How do you know when it’s time to say goodbye to your shoes? Start dancing!  Grab a pair of shoes and start twisting. If the shoe stands firmly in place, you’ve got a good shoe on your heels! But if you notice flimsiness and uncontrollable rotations, that’s a sign that you need to toss those shoes in the garbage. It’s an indicator that the midsole is worn out. This puts you at risk for injuries. Protect your feet by testing the quality of your shoes before you step out for a run again.

Make sounds when you workout.

We’ve all had to deal with the fitness junkie at the gym who seems to let out a grunt with every barbell lift. But while the frequent sound effects may tend to bother you, the truth is that they could be effective. One way to benefit from letting out a bit of sound while you workout is just making a “shhh” sound as you exercise. It’s an effective way to breathe with your abs. Simply put your hands on your stomach as you repeatedly say “shhh”. What do you feel? Contractions. The sounds you make are creating tension in the core. You’re also building up your extremities, allowing you to create a firmer, tighter midsection. Try it when you’re doing your squats, pilates, or any other core-strengthening move. If you’re used to sitting at a desk for long periods of time, the “shhh” sound will help you reduce neck tension that comes from over-activating your secondary breathing muscles when you’re confined to a stressful posture.

Save your legs with a swipe of deodorant.

Feeling sweaty between your legs? It can be quite irritating when you’re trying to reach your daily workout goals. But there’s a solution: deodorant. Deodorant does more than fight the smell and sweat that can sabotage your underarms.  It’ll end your chaffing problems once and for all. Just slide a stick of deodorant over your inner thighs and feel the pain and sweat suddenly disappear.

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