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5 Pieces of Equipment for Your At-Home Gym

5 Pieces of Equipment for Your At-Home Gym

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Everyone has that morning where leaving the house just seems impossible. Whether it’s raining, freezing cold, or you’re just plain ole tired, sometimes going to the gym just isn’t in the cards. In those situations, having a home gym can allow you to fully workout without leaving the comfort of your home. Even if you don’t have a full home gym set-up, a few home essentials can transform your health routine, allowing you to get a workout in when you otherwise wouldn’t. Check out some of these awesome home gym items to start outfitting your home workout paradise.

1. Tangram Factory Smart Jump Rope

Tangram Factory Smart Jump Rope

This isn’t exactly your childhood jump rope. With Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to track jump speed, time, and calories burned, the Tangram Smart Jump Rope takes the classic workout item to the next level. Design personal interval training programs using the Rope’s built-in technology to customize your workouts and get the most out of your training. And best of all, the Tangram Smart Jump Rope has built in LED lighting to help you workout if its not quite light out yet.

Tangram Factory Smart Jump Rope, $79.99

2. Bowflex Selecttech 552 Dumbbell


The Bowflex SELECTTECH 552 Dumbbell is the complete free weight solution for your home gym, all in one easy-to-use set. With just the turn of the dial, you can switch between different weights and workouts. This versatile tool gives you the ability to get a full body workout, from wherever you happen to be. The Bowflex SELECTTECH 552 Dumbbell can replace 15 different weights, ranging from just 5 lbs to 52.5 lbs. Pick one up today to see how it can replace nearly all the free weights you might already own.

Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbell, $349

3. Manduka Prolite Matmanduka-prolite

With the availability of online tutorials and digital classes, it’s easier than ever to turn your home into your own personal yoga studio. The Prolite Mat from Manduka is heavy duty enough to deal with everyday use, but also soft and responsive enough to help you stick in any pose. What makes this mat ideal for home use is its high density cushioning that allows it to stick on any surface, without damaging your floors. The Manduka Prolite Mat is also 100% latex free and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Manduka PROlite Yoga Mat, $67

4. TRX Go Suspension Trainer

TRX Go Suspension Trainer

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This home gym essential can be set up in under 60 seconds, making it one of the most versatile items to include in your home gym. Whatever your set-up is, the TRX Go Suspension Trainer can take your training up a notch. This body-weight tool allows you to do a huge variety of different workouts to strengthen your arms, core, shoulders, and back. It comes with two 20-minute workouts to help you get started.

TRX Home Gym, $179.95 

5. Yes4All Wooden Balance Board


A good core workout is something everyone could use. And there are few better ways to build core strength than a balance board. The Yes4All Wooden Balance Board is ideal for those rehabbing injured muscles. Balance is essential, and improving your balance can improve your workout performance across the board. Improving balance can also improve your posture, which can minimize back and joint pain. The Yes4All Wooden Balance Board is made of high-quality wood and is covered with non-slip material to prevent falls.

Yes4All Wooden Balance Board, $29

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