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5 of the Very Best Fitness & Wellness Resorts

5 of the Very Best Fitness & Wellness Resorts

Miraval Resort & Spa

Tucson, Arizona

With an emphasis on the balance between mind, body & spirit in roughly equal measure, Miraval Resort & Spa impresses guests on nearly every dimension. All of your food and beverages, aside from alcohol, are included in your stay and everything is incredibly healthy with a strong emphasis on organic, sustainable and locally sourced food, where possible. The spa has just about every treatment you could imagine. We recommend springing for one of the villas, which provides the sort of privacy perfect for a getaway focused on spiritual refocus and recalibration.

The Ranch at Live Oak

Malibu, California

Alongside the Ashram (another Southern California Spa), the Ranch at Live Oak is amongst the most famous of its sort in the world. The Ranch at Live Oak has birthed a cookbook and regularly graces the pages of
every travel, fashion and fitness magazine the world over. There is plenty of reason for this – a stay at The Ranch at Live Oak can result in some pretty staggeringly positive results. While many other wellness resorts listed here
may skew more toward the spa side of things, The Ranch at Live Oak takes pride in the fact that it is very much a boot camp. Between constant activity and a dietary intake capped at 1,500 calories, The Ranch oftentimes ends up feeling much more like work than a vacation. That being said, it’s not uncommon to hear of incredible payoffs – losses of ten pounds in a remarkably short period of time and done the right way: through exercise and a healthy diet.

The BodyHoliday Resort

St. Lucia, West Indies

In case the name wasn’t a dead giveaway, this resort is incredibly focused on your body. Unlike The Ranch at Live Oak, however, the BodyHoliday Resort places a strong emphasis on the right kinds of relaxation as an important counterpoint to exercise. Boasting a diverse range of activities, including scuba, pilates, spinning, Ayurveda and even archery, basically, if you can dream it up, they likely offer it. Rest assured, they don’t skimp on the restoration side of things, with a full service spa and a restaurant that has been voted by Conde Nast Traveler as one the top 60 tables in the world.

Lefay Resort & Spa

Lake Garda, Italy

Lefay Resort & Spa takes a different approach to wellness than some of the more fitness oriented alternatives on this list. The Lefay Resort focuses on more restorative wellness – using wide spaces, natural materials and an incredibly clean Mediterranean diet to promote a healthy body and mind. Furthermore, the resort embraces sustainability in its food alongside it takes strong stances on social and environmental responsibility.

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Rancho La Puerta

Tecate, Mexico

Only one hour away from San Diego and right across the border in Mexico is Rancho La Puerta. Having been started in 1940’s as one of the very first fitness resorts, they’ve managed to remain relevant by staying true to their personal, straightforward and holistic approach.  Although it lacks some of the glam of a resort like The Ranch at Live Oak, Rancho La Puerta makes up for it with an incredibly welcoming, engaging staff and culture. Touching on everything ranging from nutrition, fitness, mindfulness, nature to even art, they pride themselves on providing a remarkably diversified experience for their guests.

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