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5 of the Best Odor-Eliminating Products to Help You Fight Unpleasant Scents

5 of the Best Odor-Eliminating Products to Help You Fight Unpleasant Scents

As we go about our sweaty, foodie, all-natural human lives, we tend to accumulate some smells. Have some furry friends sharing an abode with you? The stink grows even stronger.

Thankfully, odor elimination has come a long way since the days of throwing baking soda and vinegar at everything (although that definitely still works), so here are a few products to whisk away your olfactory worries and keep your space, and yourself, smelling so fresh and so clean (clean!).

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Bamboo Activated Charcoal Bags
Activated charcoal is great for cleaning out just about anything, including the air. These handy little baggies can be used just about anywhere (think closets, drawers, inside those rank workout shoes) and last up to two years, just give them some time outside in the sun once a month to hit ‘refresh’ so they can continue to freshen up your home.

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Enzymatic Cleaner
Biokleen is perfect for the eco-conscious among us, using live enzyme-producing cultures, citrus extracts, and plant-based surfactants to tackle tough stains and odors. Clean up after kids, pets, and any area that smells just a little too mildewy for your taste with its tough on grime, gentle on the earth formula.


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Hanging Moisture Bags
Although mothballs may be (mostly) a thing of the past, all those clothes packed together in your closet can still catch quite a bit of moisture, creating a dank, mildewy smell and even damaging clothing over the long term. DampRid’s Hanging Moisture Absorbers catch water over time and even show you how much is sitting in the bottom of the bag.

51FOQxjokoLFridge Fresh
Refrigerators can be super tough to clean out because they spend so much time closed tight, bottling up all the internal food smells. Slap an Arm & Hammer Fridge Fresh onto the inner wall to keep your cool.

71sQH-JHLQL._SL1500_Air Purifier
Ready to stop odors before they begin? Invest in an air purifier that pulls all the nasty bits out of your space before they can start to build up in dusty corners and damp crannies. You’ll breathe easier knowing you’re breathing in better.

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