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5 Items to Turn Your Home into a Spa

5 Items to Turn Your Home into a Spa

Whether you’re desperate to recover from a rough week or are just in the mood for a much-needed dose of pampering, a spa day is the perfect way to recuperate from everything life throws at you. But for days when actually getting yourself to the spa isn’t exactly in the cards, you can still reap the benefits of a spa day with a little DIY TLC. Grab some of our favorite products and see how easy it is to turn your home into a mini spa of your own.

Aqua Spa Relax Bath SoakAqua Spa Relax Bath Soak, $10

Just treating yourself to a slow, soothing bath is luxurious enough, but throwing some relaxing bath salts into the mix makes for an especially spa-esque experience. While this blend of lavender and chamomile helps calm your body and mind, added marine youth complex makes sure that your skin looks fresh and totally stress-free

spa - oil diffuserInnoGear Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser, $30

A little bit of aromatherapy can go a long way when it comes to giving your bathroom or home serious spa vibes. Especially when you’re talking about an essential oil diffuser that not only doubles as a dry skin-relieving cool mist humidifier, but looks super sleek and zen thanks to its wood grain finish.

spa - foot soakConair Waterfall Foot Spa, $150

If you’re guilty of spending your days standing or running around – and even if you don’t, really – no spa day is quite complete without a soothing treatment that targets your tired feet. Snag this tranquil foot bath that uses bubbling action and a waterfall feature to massage and relax your feet, and take advantage of attachments like a pumice stone and brush for a super luxe treatment.

spa - facial in a boxBliss Facial in a Box, $14

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It would have to take a pretty sweet product to mimic the feeling and effect of a spa facial right in the comfort of your own home. Luckily, this 3-step facial-in-a-box pulls out all the stops – i.e. a mask, a peel, and a brightening treatment – to make it well-worth the distinction of a spa-level facial.

spa - hair maskCalily Life Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Mask, $15

Make sure that your DIY spa treatment hits all the major spots from head to toe – or, in this case, toe to head – with the help of a powerful hair mask to liven up your locks. Thanks to ingredients like Moroccan argan oil and dead sea minerals, this hydrating treatment will simultaneously combat dryness and brittleness in your tresses while promoting growth and making your hair more manageable.

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