Issue #93: The Innovation Issue

There’s no question that subscription boxes have been all the rage for some time now. But at a time when literally everything has been turned into a blank-of-the-month box club – there’s candy-of-the-month boxes, and wine-of-the-month boxes, and craft-of-the-month boxes – it can be tough to figure out just which subscription boxes are worth your time. To help you decide on the best of the best – not to mention, the healthiest of the bunch – we’ve rounded up five of our favorite subscription box services that are well worth a try.

Runnerbox monthly subscription boxThe RunnerBox

A box that is meant to enhance your overall active lifestyle, RunnerBox delivers an assortment of key activity-enhancing to your door on the regular, from gels and chews to protein shake mixes, supplements, and running accessories. Not much of a runner? You can also take advantage of other options, like the CycleBox This one isn’t quite a monthly subscription box – you’ll get your delivery once every two months instead of once a month – but with plenty of gear to keep you going in every shipment, it shouldn’t be too big of a problem.

Yogi surprise subscription box with accessories, jewelry, and snacks for yogis, delivered every month. Yogi Surprise

If you’re an avid yogi, you know better than anyone that yoga is as much a way of life as it is a way of staying active. To complement that lifestyle, Yogi Surprise delivers an assortment of yoga-centric items and accessories to your door on a monthly basis. You can choose from two options: the yoga lifestyle box, or the yoga jewelry box. The former comes stocked with 6-8 items meant to enhance your practice, like white sage spray to clear the air or gripping socks to help you maintain your balance during the hardest of poses. As for the jewelry box, you can expect two handmade pieces of jewelry, crafted in Bali, and one organic treat.

UrthBox monthly subscription with healthy, vegan, vegetarian, non-GMO, organic snacks and treats.UrthBox

No matter what your idea of a healthy lifestyle may be – maybe you’re a vegetarian, maybe you’re a vegan, maybe you’re gluten-free, maybe you’re all non-GMO all the time – UrthBox aims to cater to all forms of healthy diets and lifestyles with its curated monthly box of good-for-you snacks and eats. Every month, you can look forward to full-size healthy snacks, from brands you already love and ones you’re sure to fall for. Look forward to options like dried meats, nuts, granola, juices and cleanses, and crackers, and get ready to look forward to healthy eating and snacking on the regular.

The Honest Company subscription box with organic, botanical, non-toxic cleaning products and beauty products.The Honest Company

While a lot of subscription boxes capitalize on the very fun element of surprise – you usually don’t know what you’re getting until you actually get it – The Honest Company monthly box is all about knowing what you’re getting ahead of time. And not even just knowing, but picking. But selecting your own customized bundle of non-toxic, mostly botanical beauty products and cleaning essentials every month, you can make sure to keep all of your most important routines – i.e. the beauty regimen and the cleaning schedule – as healthy as possible. And by bundling, you get to enjoy major savings on your products, too, so you can look forward to wins all around.

Monthly subscription box try the world with snacks from around the world.
Try the World 

Any foodie knows that it’s easy, after a long time of munching on the same foods, to get a little bored with the lackluster selection. That’s exactly where Try the World comes in. With a monthly box that introduces you to some of the best artisanal, gourmet foods from around the world – think snacks, cooking ingredients, and drinks – this subscription box is the way to go for adventurous eaters who are looking to expand their (a.k.a. their taste buds’) horizons. When picking your subscription, you can pick from the monthly country box, which delivers an assortment of different picks from a single country every month, or you can go for the snack box, which brings you five all-natural sweet and savory snacks from around the world. Looking for something even more customized? Go for the pantry box, which sends you a hand-selected assortment of foods based on your taste preferences.