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5 Amazing Products with Water at Their Core

5 Amazing Products with Water at Their Core

We all know that water is the foundation of life. Making up over 60% of the body, water is necessary for almost every single crucial bodily function. And yet, many of us are content to put any sort of water into our bodies. Perhaps because we live in a developed country, we rarely think about the quality of water that we drink. We’ve put together 5 water related products to help us all put some better H20 into our bodies.

1. Lifestraw


Ever been out on a hike and ran out of water? That nearby stream might look mighty appetizing, but we all know water in nature can be filled with all sorts of nasty bacteria and diseases. Thankfully, Lifestraw is here to help us out. Lifestraw is a straw that contains powerful filters that clean water and make it potable for anyone to drink. They’ve even expanded their technology to build water bottles that filter all the bad stuff out of water, leaving you with the freshest water around, regardless of where it came from.

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter, $16.99


2. Soma Pitcher

Soma Pitcher

A lot of home water filters can remove contaminants and heavy metals from your tap water, but few look as stylish while doing it as Soma water filters and pitchers do. With a wide selection of pitcher sizes and styles, Soma makes a filter that looks beautiful for any home or occasion. With a minimalist look, Soma products can act as a centerpiece on your table. Even better, they also have a glass water bottle to take your tasty Soma water on the go.

Soma Pitcher, $34.58


3. Bluetooth Shower Speaker


One of the few downsides to water is that it tends to ruin electronic devices. Not so with the iFox Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker! This speaker is 100% waterproof up to a meter underwater, which makes it one of the most versatile waterproof speakers on the market. It is also perfect for the shower, especially in the morning when you just can’t help but belt out a few tunes to get the day started.

iFox iF012 Bluetooth Shower Speaker, $29.99

4. Water Ionizer Water Bottle

Water Ionizer Water Bottle

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Beyond providing nourishment, water can also provide your body with a number of important minerals. As water makes its way from natural sources to your cup, it picks up tons of electrolytes and minerals. However, modern sanitation facilities remove many of these minerals. The BlueQQ Certified Premium Alkaline Mineral Water Ionizer Water Bottle seeks to solve this problem. This bottle has a filter which balances the pH of the water you are drinking. More than that, the filter actually re-adds important minerals like calcium, magnesium, and zinc into your water.

Water Ionizer Water Bottle (500ml), $39.99


5. Shower Filter


It might not get as much attention, but the water we put on our skin is almost as important as the water we drink. The water that comes out of the shower head is referred to as “hard water,” which means that it is filled with contaminants and heavy minerals like fluoride and lead. This shower filter removes 99.9% of chlorine, algae, dirt, fluoride, and lead, leaving only pure water behind. By removing those irritants, filtered shower water can actually improve leave your skin more moisturized and your hair shinier and sleeker.

Shower Filter, $199.99

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