4 Tips On Getting Back in the Gym When You’re Out of Practice

Girl on treadmill at the gym

Everyone feels like they could use a little break from the gym now and again – some of us more often than others. But when your “short” period of respite suddenly turns into weeks without a sweat session, you’ll find yourself wanting to get back on track, and fast. And while it may be hard to let yourself go for a little while and then return to the gym like your break never happened, all it takes is a little work to muster up the courage to get yourself back on the workout wagon. To help you out, here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re trying to make your way back to the gym.

Don’t Be Scared

Some people have a fear of not knowing what to do when they cross through the gym doors, and even if you were finally finding your footing before you took a break, it doesn’t take too long to feel like you need to relearn a few things when you finally make it back. But when you’re hesitant to get back in, the key to success isn’t to run away from the gym, but to take on the challenge of learning what to do. Go online and read about the new machines that gyms have to offer and how to use them so that you have knowledge on what you are getting yourself into, or look for some of the best weight routines that you can do on arm day or leg day before stepping into the weight room at the gym. The secret is to plan your routine out completely before making your way to the gym so that you have a good sense of what you’re doing and can go through your routine especially confidently.

Start Off With a Small Workout

When it comes to returning to the gym, there’s nothing wrong with taking baby steps. In fact, you should opt to ease your way back into working out since you’ve been out of practice for some time and your body will need a while to readjust to working out before it can push itself to the max again. And while you may be tempted to make up for lost time by going hard your first visit back, fight the urge and take it easy instead. Trust us, you’ll be back to those higher-intensity workouts before you know it.

Give Someone Else the Reins

If you’ve got a ton on your plate, the stress of having to navigate the gym after a long time away can be a lot to add to that. Instead of spending too much time trying to figure out how to get on top of your fitness routine again, try looking elsewhere for a little help. Maybe you can exercise with a fitness-savvy friend, or you can join a workout class where you’ll be able to follow an instructor. You might even want to think about going the personal training route. Sure, trainers may be a little pricey, but they will show you the ropes of working out, and after a few sessions of letting them take charge, you’ll probably find yourself feeling comfortable enough to go it alone again. No matter what your approach may be, the key is to find something that helps you feel confident in your workout ability again, so that you can eventually let that carry over into your solo fitness sessions, too.

Don’t Give Up Right Away

Yes, when you first go back to the gym, you are going to feel like you can’t do it because you are too out of shape. And chances are, you’re going to struggle and sweat a lot more than you did before taking that break from your fitness routine. But the key to success is not letting that feeling keep you back. Continue working towards your goal no matter how hard it might be. At this point in your workout schedule, you should be making the gym one of your top priorities each day, so that you get yourself comfortable again. That way, you can learn more about things that have changed since the last time you were there and you can learn more about the place that your body is in right now and how to cater to that while you workout. Find someone or something that inspires you to keep going, even when you want to drop to the ground and quit.