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4 Outdoor Workouts for Summer

4 Outdoor Workouts for Summer

Now that summer is in full swing it’s time to get out of the gym, breath in the fresh air and take advantage of the sunshine while it lasts.


We’ve long been fans of paddleboarding – we find it has the perfect combination of aerobic intensity with the unique benefit of creating a meditative sort of state that one can get from being in the ocean. Paddleboarding has really only received mainstream recognition over the past several years.  This is thanks to advocates, such as Laird Hamilton, who have long incorporated it as a key element of their fitness routines.

Calories Burned Per Hour: 350 – 400

Beach Volleyball

There aren’t many activities better than volleyball that combine the camaraderie and rigor of a team sport while still getting to “hang out at the beach.” Since the sport lends itself to being played between both genders more than most other sports, it’s a great one to organize for the family or a group of friends. Perhaps, it is the quintessential beach sport.

Calories Burned Per Hour: 450 – 550

Rock Climbing

Many people do not appreciate just how good of a workout rock climbing can be as well as how accessible it is. Of course this doesn’t apply to everyone (the great plains are at a marked disadvantage relative to other parts of the country) but many readers have access to climbs or hikes for all skill levels within a couple hours drive. It also tends to be one of those workouts where you’re so intently focused on the task at hand that you don’t even have time to mentally acknowledge how exhausting the actual act is on your body. Further, it serves as an excellent means of exercising muscles that many people neglect – from the muscles in the back all the way down to the much smaller muscles in the hands and forearms.

Calories Burned Per Hour: 500 – 900

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Outdoor Yoga

Yoga is one of those activities that translates perfectly to almost every environment – be it in your backyard, the local park or on the beach. There are plenty of group classes at just about all of these locations, though if you’re an experienced yogi, there should be nothing keeping you from getting your downward dog on in between time spent getting a tan and reading that compelling summer novel.

Calories Burned Per Hour: 150 (though can vary significantly)

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