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4 Things to Keep in Mind When Washing Your Hair

4 Things to Keep in Mind When Washing Your Hair

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There are plenty of things that you might think you may want to improve when it comes to a healthy routine, like cooking cleaner meals on the regular, or hitting the gym more often. But as far as ways to improve your routine, chances are that learning how to wash your hair properly isn’t exactly something that’s on the top of your list. But the reality is, whether you think about it or not, there is a right way and a wrong way to wash your hair, and making too many mistakes during the cleansing process can spell major problems for your tresses. These are four major mistakes that you may be making when you shampoo – and ones to avoid moving forward.

Don’t shampoo and condition your whole head.

If you’re always covering your whole head in shampoo and conditioner, you’re definitely not getting the most out of either. The fact is, not all hair is created equal, and you have to shampoo and condition accordingly to make sure that each section of hair is getting exactly what it needs. Because shampoo is meant to cleanse, it really only needs to go on your scalp and by your roots, which are where most of the dirt and oil tends to be when your hair gets dirty. As for your conditioner, the real purpose is to hydrate and moisturize the drier areas of your hair – i.e. the mid-sections and ends.

Don’t rinse with hot water.

We get it – a hot shower is super relaxing. But while you’re enjoying the steamy water, your hair is paying a pretty big price for it. Why? Hot water opens up your hair cuticles, which can cause your hair to frizz and to get a bit weaker. Plus, if you color your hair or have invested in any kind of keratin or conditioning treatment, the hot water can cause the color or treatments to fade. Instead of hot water, opt for cold, or at the very least lukewarm, to keep your tresses – and your color – looking best.

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Don’t be crazy aggressive with your scalp.

You always want to massage your shampoo into your scalp for a thorough cleanse, but there’s a major difference between massaging and aggressively scrubbing. When you get too rough with your scalp, you leave your hair – which is weaker when it’s wet than when it’s dry – susceptible to breakage and damage at the roots. Plus, the crazy scrubbing is going to dry out your scalp and leave it prone to overproducing oil.

Don’t forget to brush before getting into the shower.

A lot of times, your instinct is to hop right in the shower and let the conditioner and water help loosen up your locks before you comb or brush through tangles. But the secret to a better cleanse is actually brushing through your hair before you wash it. Not only will it detangle your hair ahead of time, but it will help loosen up the dirt and oil buildup, making it easier to wash out once you’re shampooing.

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