Issue #146: The Spring Issue

While enjoying fresh juice is good for the body at any point during the day, mornings happen to be the prime time to get sipping. This is because the very first nutrients that we ingest are especially important in helping your body cleanse and detoxify itself. And since the body is able to absorb the nutrients in fresh juices relatively quickly, what better way to power through your morning than with a superfood juice blend? We’ve rounded up four fresh juice recipes that are guaranteed to kickstart your mornings with an added energy boost. So, ditch that morning java and sip on these tasty, nutritious drinks that are sure to get you through any mid-morning slump.

Green juice from Tales of a Kitchen.

Cucumber and Spinach Juice

Energize your morning with this glowing green juice. It’s packed with super-powered vitamins and minerals, and it makes for a great source of chlorophyll, which is especially good for your blood. The green pigment from plants is also known for helping boost your energy, meaning that a little spinach will go a long way when it comes to helping you power through your morning and day.

Get the recipe from Tales of a Kitchen.

Beet, carrot, and apple juice from My Forking Life

Beet, Carrot, and Apple Juice

Beets are the main feature of this ruby juice blend. Not only are beets nutrient-dense and great sources of Vitamin C and fiber, but this root veggie is also super good for your heart.

According to research, drinking beet juice is associated with improved blood flow, as well as increased energy and stamina during exercise. We’d say that makes this blend the perfect choice for beating any energy slump.

Get the recipe from My Forking Life.

carrot apple blended juice from nutrition stripped healthy food blog.

Carrot and Apple Blended Juice

This blended juice recipe from Nutrition Stripped’s McKel Hill, MS, is crazy nutritious, and really does the job when it comes to keeping you full. This “blended” recipe includes the pulp to ensure you’re getting the added fiber benefits present in the apples. The carrot juice provides a heaping dose of Vitamin A, while the fruit offers a healthy morning energy boost, great for powering through an early workout.

Get the recipe from Nutrition Stripped.

Super-powered orange juice recipe from the Minimalist Baker.

Super Powered Orange Juice

While this juice blend does contain orange juice, it doesn’t get its name from the citrus fruit. Instead, carrots are the key to this superfood juice boost. Packed with vitamins and minerals, carrots are also rich in antioxidants and beta-carotene, which are known for fighting off disease-causing free radicals, such as cancer.

Get the recipe from Minimalist Baker.