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4 Creative Ways to Use All Those Extra Fresh Herbs

4 Creative Ways to Use All Those Extra Fresh Herbs

As temperatures rise, so do the options for produce, and with that comes an especially wide selection of fresh herbs that we’re huge fans of stocking up on for our home-cooked meals. Unfortunately, the main problem with fresh herbs is that when you buy a bunch to use, you typically end up with more left over than you used to begin with, and it’s hard to figure out what to make of the extra. So, how can you take advantage of fresh herbs in your cooking without wasting a ton of extra sprigs in the process? A few popular ideas come to mind: storing in the refrigerator, creating small pinch pots for the kitchen counter, as well as drying. But if you’re looking for something a little more creative, we’ve rounded up four practical ideas for storing fresh herbs that are sure to add a little extra zing to your dish.

Infuse Oil

Make your own fancy oil at home to drizzle over breads, salads, or pasta. It’s easy and super simple. The fastest way to infuse olive oil is on the stove. Heat the oil and fresh herbs over medium-low heat. Once the mixture cools, strain the herbs and store the oil as normal. Looking for a few recipes to try? Start with this Basil-Infused Oil or Chive Oil.

Ice Cubes

Freeze extra herbs in ice cubes to create a refreshing, zesty taste when added to summer cocktails. In an ice tray, simply pack each mold halfway with herbs, and then add water until the mold is full. Some great herbal choices include cilantro, mint, and basil.

Store In Salt

Layer herbs in an air-tight container with salt to add a flavorful pinch of taste when cooking. Cover the container’s bottom in a thick layer of salt, then add herbs. Continue alternating until the container is full, making sure the last layer is another coating of salt.

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Compound Butter

Make a compound butter to glaze breads, even savory meats, like grilled seafood. In a food processor, pulse finely chopped herbs and butter until creamy and smooth. Season to taste, and then store in the fridge until needed.

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