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3 Superfoods We’re Thankful For

3 Superfoods We’re Thankful For

Superfoods pack a nutritious punch with vitamins and minerals that our bodies need. But eating healthy doesn’t have to be a chore. In fact, superfoods can be yummy and nutritious at the same time, and we’re definitely thankful that they make eating healthy so much more fun. Here are some delicious superfoods, along with recipe suggestions, that we are feeling grateful for this Thanksgiving!

Acai Berries

These small, purple berries are the fruits of acai palm trees, grown in the heart of Brazil’s Amazon rain forest. One little berry packs a ton of antioxidants, amino acids, and nutritious fatty acids. Not only do they boost your energy levels, improve your immune system and metabolism, and enhance your hair and skin, eating them in acai bowls is a feast for the tummy and the eyes as well!  Puree the acai berries and then add other fruits such as bananas, strawberries, and kiwis, and/or granola to start your morning off right. 

You can check out acai bowl recipes from Clean Eating Magazine.

Goji Berries

We’re thankful for goji berries because they’re high in vitamin C and E, they boost our metabolisms, and are recommended to treat diabetes and high blood pressure.  The added bonus is that goji berries are super delicious and you can add them to all sorts of food.  This versatile berry can be treated like any other dried fruit, which means you can add it to your morning cereal, blend it in your smoothie, incorporate it in protein bars, and even use it in soup.

Here are some goji berry recipes worth trying that Huffington Post rounded up.

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Raw Cacao

The holiday season is almost upon us, which means lots of tempting chocolate treats. This year, try to make the switch to raw cacao, which is very similar to dark chocolate, but less processed.  Cacao beans are part of the base of chocolate desserts, so you’re not losing out on any of the chocolatey taste!  Raw cacao decreases oxidation of the unhealthy cholesterol in our bodies, thus lowering the risk for heart disease. Studies have also begun to show that components of raw cacao can also help to prevent cancer.  You can use it to make your favorite chocolate mousses, puddings, cakes, truffles, tarts, and many other delectable treats and reap heath benefits while still indulging.

Try one of these raw cacao recipes that from One Green Planet.

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